Monday, August 3, 2009

Witnessing an Abortion

Today I witnessed on the net a horrific abortion. The high pitched screams, gasping death rattle, and the ultimate life ending choking sputter. The attendants watched with dispassionate eyes as a wonderful creation was destroyed, then they laughed to one another when the evil deed was done. Enjoying the killing. It was truly one of the most awful things I've witnessed. The abortion of a perfectly good Volvo.

Yes, you read that last sentence right. I'm talking about Obama's Cash for Klunker's program. (If you can stomach to watch the wanton, willful destruction, and senseless waste of mother earth's resources, go to Fox video entitled "Don't Watch, Car Lovers.) And before all my Christan pro-life friends get in a tither about comparing the abortion of a small innocent unborn human to a car, please let me explain.

Abortion is about power of a woman to choose her own destiny and deny that of her unborn child. Abortion is about self and makes self more important than others. It is about the ability to "move on with life" rather than be saddled with the burden and responsibility of caring for a baby. Abortion is about continuing the good times with little thought or hardly a remembrance of what was killed. Abortion takes what is whole and breaks it in pieces then is flushed into some waste system. Abortion is about having a free lunch and never worrying about who pays the price. It is an attitude of soul devaluing the very living uniqueness of who we are in a universe where we may still be the only senescent life form capable of loving kindness as well as this most evil of deeds.

But extend that attitude out from our reproductive system. Foist it upon other aspects of our our existence. Ask if we can so easily kill a human being, innocent from the warmth of a mother's womb, then how much easier is it to kill a Volvo? My friends please don't laugh. The Volvo isn't a living thing, but it represents a compilation of the wonders of the human mind. Additionally the Volvo brings together the expenditure of thousands of pounds of natural resources, hundreds of gallons of fuel to make and ship, and then ultimately a means to transport humans from home to work and back again, safely, and with a sense of style worthy of art.

The reasoning behind this act is equally as evil as abortion. The argument is that it is the right thing to do. We're saving the planet by killing one thing so we can have a new thing that gets maybe 5 or 10 MPG better mileage. As with abortion we're saving the planet from over population. One less mouth to feed. It is the right thing to do.

We can have a better car if we'll just abort the one we have, kill it for money. If our child is less perfect, then we kill it so it won't take up resources that might be better used to promote a healthy pure child. It is the intent, then, to do good, yet it hardens the heart, slowly and deadly. It is illogically to waste one already expended resource so that another car, created with still yet more resources, might be acquired. And not even think about it. Hardly. Justifiable waste. And the truly sad part of the Volvo's abortion was there most likely were many who would have used it well for their own transportation. Denied even the opportunity to be blessed with a car many may have never been able to purchase. All in the name of boosting new car sales. Greed. Avarice. An attitude of self. Much like abortion of our human models, children, who would be loved by the childless.

It scares the Watchman to think of the easy link. The smooth connection between how our society justifies one thoughtless act, abortion, can lead to so many other justifiable thoughtless actions that might lead one day to horrific outcomes. If we can kill an unborn or destroy a car,for convenience, what might come next in this world where ethics is short on principle and our return to barbarity is just a step away?

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