Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why We Should Care

A friend of mine ask, "Why should we care what Obama represents? We're so far down the pecking order we wouldn't feel the impact if Obama was a Marxist or Methodist. We're taxed by all sides so how can it be much worse if Obama wants to redistribute the wealth." I was shocked by my friend's attitude, but it caused me to wonder, why should we care?

First in my mind there is no doubt Barack H. Obama is a Marxist. At least some sort of Marxist, maybe a soci-marxist, a First or Second Phase Socialist, or perhaps an neo-Marxist with narcissistic delusions of grandeur, but he is definitely NOT a capitalist. He is NOT a Free-Marketeer either. This much we know is that he stands firmly with the strong central economic planning and control crowd. Nearly everyone agrees with this assessment.

But why should we care? Most readers I venture are lost deep into their own personal struggle for survival in the rough and tumble world of work, family, and community. We are barely able to drag ourselves out of bed each day to slave for some ungrateful employer and then slug home to a dirty house, screaming kids, and mac-n-cheese dinner. And that is if we're not one of the unlucky 10% unemployed. We have barely enough energy to take on fixing the screen door, washing dishes, and bathing the kids at night so why should we care what the central economic underpinnings of President Obama are?

Depending on future outcomes, of which we can have no idea, it may mean nothing. Or Obama's economic belief system could mean a whole lot to each American citizen. A young Captain during WWII wrote to a friend on the northern front. He was a solid officer and award winning Solider in the service of his country. He expressed to his friend a confidence that he wasn't sure of the leader's ability to be successful in winning the war. One sentence. One set of words, freely written, to express an opinion led the loyal and devoted Captain into the Soviet Gulag, for 12 years. Alexandra Solzhenitsyn chronicled the inhumane treatment of ordinary "Comrades", who didn't care what Lenin or Stalin's economic value system represented.

How are the two important, economic belief and suppression of freedom? The one leads to the other. If nothing else can be learned from Soviet history, it is the fact, hard, cruel, fact that Lenin and Stalin's economic belief value system (Marxism-Communism) led to the most horrific of mass exterminations (saving for Hitler's own economic belief outcomes) in history. It was the Marxist belief system of redistribution of wealth and Communist system of absolute necessity for centralized control of all economic, industrial, and business that led to the extreme abuses of human rights and the murder, yes, murder of millions of innocent Russian citizens.

This is why it is important to understand, to know, what our leader's political, economic, and moral value system is built upon. Obama spent a significant amount of his life in the learning shadows of people who were and are ultra socialist if not card carrying Marxists. It was plain in his own autobiography of his association with people who encouraged, espoused, and attempted to live out Marxist ideology. Even the appointment of his "Czars" are tinted with social-Marxism in one form or another.

The Red Flag Warning is out friends. Waving hard for all to see. There is a danger in our land, and many, like my friend, either don't see it in their ignorance, or choose to ignore it out of a desire to just-go-along, to-get-along. No greater mistake can we make as a nation to travel down this path. To do so invites a tyranny eclipsing history beyond belief. I care. Do you?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marxist Strategy 101

[Note: The Watchman has been consumed with laying wood flooring in his house so posting has been spotty. However,while doing so I've been listening to the ever alarming news of President Obama's faltering presidency coming out of Washington.]

Being a student of history and having done a little research into how Marxists work their wonders of subjugating their opponents, it appears Dear Leader's subordinates (some might say sycophants) are following classic Marxist strategy in their recent efforts to suppress their enemies. So lets explore this strategy, its consequences, and fighting tyranny.

I am fond of ending my comments on news web sites with the following blurb, admittedly of my own origin: "If they come for one, they will come for us all." My premise is built upon historical evidence that tyrants bent on consolidating their hold on power will first focus on one enemy at a time, but then inevitably will come after all in their insatiable quest for absolute power. Marxist are particularly prone to this syndrome. The first Dear Leader, Comrade Lenin, tore apart one media outlet after another in his quest to silence opposition to his scheme of forcing Russia into Marxistland. He was ruthless in the effort, not only destroying printing presses, but killing off the printers as well. He took out the weaker ones first,but grew bolder as time went on until only his approved media organ, Pravda, was left standing in the rubble of free speech, with Russian blood flowing as rivers.

Lenin, and later Stalin, didn't stop with just silencing the obvious anti-Bolshevik faction of Russian political/governmental reform. Eventually they attacked even those who were officially part of the "Communist Party", groups who aided in the rise of communism, supported every new communist program regardless of how outlandish it was. (By the way, the same tactics were used in China in the late 40s and 50s. Millions died.) Thus only those organs that could some how meet the test of unwavering loyalty and proclaim abject fealty to the tyrant could exist. The process is painfully similar in every dictatorship from Cesar to Chavez.

Come now to 2009. A stealth Marxist bent political leader rises as a phoenix out of the broken world of social-communism to actually become the MOST POWERFUL MAN on earth and what does he begin to do? Attack and control. Attack any person or media organ that dares to stand in opposition to Barack Hussein Obama. Control the message to create favorable conditions for Dear Leader. The Administration's press secretary bragged on a TV Sunday talk show (an Obama approved talk show) how they controlled the media during the election to get their message out.

Look at the progression of their attacks: In the early part of his administration attack staff went out and attempted to connect his enemies (conservatives and Republicans) to Rush Limbaugh. The attempt was to link the Republican Party to their defined wild and ultra right wack job, Rush Limbaugh. The fawning press, followed along with the tactic, lapping it up as juicy mud to sling around on their news shows or opinion pages. Then, with the public beginning to question His Holiness' health care plan, the attack dogs when out and crapped on decent Americans who were attempting to exercise Amendment Number One, calling them Nazis, mobs, and unpatriotic. These Americans became 'Enemies of the New Way'. Later when the health care insurance companies dared to inform their clients the impact of Obamacare on Medicare, again the attack dogs slammed those companies, even sicing the Justice Department on them.

Lately,the Fox News Network has come into the cross-hairs of the Obama administration. Interesting they fell back to one of their earlier tactics of tying evil "Republicans" with Fox News, accusing the network of not only in bed with the Republicans, but actually co-joining in their effort to produce a wicked, dastardly, opposition effort against the Anointed One, Lord Obama. For three weeks Administration lackeys have trotted out in front of the press to accuse Fox News of some terrible thing, like criticizing Obama for dithering for two months on General McCrystal's request for more troop in Afghanistan. However in this instance, they may have gone a "Network too far".

This evening, it was reported the Obama administration press executives decided to limit Fox News' access to a scheduled news pool interview with the Executive Pay Czar. Only 4 other news networks were to be granted access, since in their opinion, Fox News wasn't really a "news" network. But in an act of solidarity, the 4 other networks told the administration if Fox wasn't in on the news pool, then they would decline the opportunity to interview the Pay Czar.

And thus, maybe, just maybe, the other networks are seeing the light. If Marxist Obama and his minions come after one network, they will eventually come after all networks. Maybe they saw after Fox News falls, one night Charles Gibson dares to negatively report on Barack's dancing with the stars and finds himself and the ABC Network the next target, the next enemy, the next network to go under.

And how do you stop tyranny? ALL must go after The One.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Man Who Brought Us Peace in Ten Days

This week's stunning announcement by the Nobel Prize Committee (NPC) they were awarding President Obama the Peace Prize left the Watchman as well as a few hundred million people totally baffled. What on earth were the members of the NPC thinking. Or maybe not. The announcement spoke glowingly of BHO's intent and desire to bring the world to peace. They listed his pronouncements as evidence of his yearning for a peaceful world where we all can live in harmony. Too, they mentioned his diplomatic skills that differed so much from the previous White House Tenant. But all the fancy words, still beg the question: What did Obama do, really, actually do to win this most covenanted award for leadership?

A little known factoid on this issue, is even more stunning than the announcement itself. The nominations for the Nobel Prizes were closed on February 1, 2009. In other words, in ten days as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, the NPC selected Obama as the winner of the Peace Prize. TEN days! Other than winning elections, and being a 'ACORN Community Organizer', what has this man ever accomplished? Really? It appears the Norwegians must have been smoking something more than peat in their pipe to come up with this one. And who nominated Barack? That would be a great question to ask the NPC. So in just his first ten days as President, BHO, somehow by his messiah like abilities brought us to such a tremendous sense of peace he was awarded the Peace Prize. Let's hope Obama can actually bring peace to this wounded and pain racked war sometime in the next 1,450 days, or the Norwegians may yet rue their hasty decision.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Dilution Factor

The Watchman believes we're beginning to see the slow unraveling of President Obama. He has sucessfully diluted the power of the president and our enemies can smell weakness. That can be dangerous for all of us. He has proclaimed from the roof tops that he as done so much, but the outcomes don't match the rhetoric. This week he staked the prestige of the most powerful office in the world on gaining a sports extravaganza for Chicago, but came up way sort, loosing the bid for the 2016 Olympics in the first round. He is stumbling badly with His health care initiative. He is fighting off inquiries of many of His czars who don't appear to have been very well vetted. The unemployment rate the He said wouldn't go above 8.0 is now 9.8%. He now faces off with Iran, who seems to thrive on thumbing their nose at democratic presidents (remember Jimma Carter?).

He seems to be a great idea guy, but looses interest and runs off to the next big idea. While this is good if one is venture-capitalist in business, but disastrous if you are the leader of the free world. Little by little He's going to dilute what little is left of His personal "charm" as the constant campaigning He launches into at the drop of a hat. Then is when we'll start to see the real Obama. And it won't be pretty.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week Day Vegetarians

The Watchman and his lovely bride are experimenting with a new approach to cutting our food bill. I recall my folks and grandparents talking about how during the Great Depression (no they weren't talking about the reign of Jimma Carter, worst president of the USA in history) they only had meat on special occasions and Sundays. So we did a little research and sure enough the average meat intake into American homes has risen steadily over the years until now it is consider the focus of what a meal is built around. We found our first consideration each night, "Hey, Honey what do you want to eat with our chicken tonight" led to a food bill based on chicken, beef, pork, and something they call weenies, which might be almost any kind of meat mixed together. With the price of meat approaching that of precious metals, almost 50% of our food bill was on meat products.

So in an experiment we've gone vegetarian on weekdays, saving those steaks, chops, ribs, roasts, and chicken parts for the weekends. A surprising side effect is the meat tasting more flavorful and we seem to eat less of it. Also to cook the flesh, required more energy than munching on a hearty bowl of oatmeal. So now we start our meal prep with, "Hey Honey what goes with pickled beets and tomatoes?"