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Red Flag Warning: The Silent Slavery of the 21st Century

The Silent Slavery of the 21st Century
M.R. Bradbury
            I am a Red* because I stand against slavery.  Just as the first Republican President stood four square against the insidiously life choking practice of human slavery in 1860, which brought on the U.S. civil war, today, millions of Americans join Lincoln in the unfinished fight against slavery in America. 

            I know. You are confused. Did not slavery end in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation and the Union victory with General Lee’s surrender to General Grant?  Moreover, did not the pseudo-slave practices leveled against the black man stopped in the 1960’s?  Are not civil rights for all?  Is there no slaves in America today? Are not these all true?
            Wrong. Thousands of citizens are permanently enslaved and continually sold into bondage every day. The results are just as insidious. Just as evil. Just as life destroying as the enforced slavery of black humans in our not so distant past.

            I am a Red because I stand against the silent slavery of abortion.

            Unfortunately, many millions of Americans believe the practice is just fine and dandy, to include the Democratic nominees for president and vice-president.  Additionally, it is morally bankrupt to privately disapprove of abortion of humans, while publicly supporting the practice of human slavery.  This is one of those deals you can not have both ways, especially when answering someday to the God of the Universe.

            Oh, you ask, what is the connection?  How can anyone be a slave by an act of abortion? What do you mean abortion being a form of slavery? How does abortion oppress a woman? Is not the woman just expressing her rights under the Constitution? The “discovered” right to privacy is a woman’s right, right?  Good questions, but the focus is on the wrong party. The slave is the aborted one.

            Slavery is the oppression of another individual who is powerless to fight back and win his or her equality over the oppressor.  I can hardly think of any less powerful individual than a weak, dependent, innocent living human soul in the womb of a woman bent on enslaving the human to her own selfish desires. The human life within the mother is in bondage. We now know everything a mother does can affect the very life of the human baby she carries. The mother can carry the human baby with care and love, taking all due diligence to ensure its well being, or the mother can abuse the human baby to the point where it is treated as just a non-entity, as property, and even ripped out from the mother just days before it could take a breath of air. 

            In the dark age of American slavery, that was the argument of southern slave owners. By God, they had the right to control their own destinies and property. No Yankee do-gooder from Washington was going to take their rights of property and self-determination away from them. Generally, those who bought into the slave system indeed were doing so to perpetuate a selfish way of life that produced wealth and abundance by the extraction of blood from black human flesh. The Supreme Court’s Dred Scott case of 1857 sealed the fate of millions of slaves, holding the black was not a citizen of the USA, but rather were just “…..articles of merchandise.”

            Recently the State of Kansas attempted to use the Dred Scott case in its filing of court documents supporting its anti-abortion legislation.  Of course the “pro-slavery” crowded browbeat the state into removing the case, but numerous articles have appeared supporting the logic of the former slavery case to abortion.  Lynn Wardle of CNS News wrote:

“Roe v. Wade is the 20th Century equivalent of Dred Scott v. Sanford – the infamous decision holding that slaves and their descendants were not and could not be “citizens” of any American state for purposes of the Constitution. Conceptually, the Roe abortion rule is like slavery; it de-humanizes and treats as chattel a whole class of humanity. As Dred Scott held that Blacks not persons entitled to constitutional protection, so Roe holds that unborn humans are not entitled to basic constitutional protection for their lives. As the Court in Dred Scott said that Black slaves are merely the property of their owners, so Roe said that an unborn human being is merely property belonging to her pregnant mother – which the woman can dispose of as she wishes. If, as Abraham Lincoln said at Coopers Union, the message of slavery is that a man is not a man if he is Black, the core message of Roe is that a human being is not a human being if she is in utero.”

            This argument was similar about the status of their human slaves as has been made about the human baby. They are just a blob of flesh. The unborn baby has no intelligence and produces no valuable output to society. To the southern white slaveholder, the ‘negro’ was nothing but property, a non-human, utilized until it had no economic life, and discarded as so much as unwanted garbage. The human life in the mother's womb is ".....articles of merchandise." More so as we've learned about the barbaric practice of selling of human organs from aborted unborn human babies. 

            To the modern slaveholder, the unborn human is no more than unwanted organic tissue, with the desire to remove and discard it. A human baby is an inconvenience. For many women, a unborn human is a product of the accidental convergence of a human egg and sperm cell.  It is an annoyance to the woman carrying it in her womb.  It presents a roadblock to good times, wealth, and abundance. Most of all it is her right to enslave. The big court said it was okay.  How could that be wrong?

            It is wrong because all forms of slavery are immoral. There is more to this form of modern day slavery insidiously waiting beyond the horizon. It is the increasing danger of enslavement by others in different ways.

            With the permissiveness allowed to enslave one group of humans comes the pressure to allow enslavement of other less powerful groups. Because we argue that one group of humans are somehow, of less value there may be other groups who represent even less value to society and likewise should be made slaves. Who might that be?
§  Senior Citizens older than 65;
§  Quadriplegic and accident disabled;
§  Mentally deficient humans of all ages;
§  Criminals of any age and regardless of crime;
§  Fat people;
§  Gays;
§  Jews;
§  Well…we know who needs taking down a peg…Reds…They are stupid and dumber than a urinal.

In July of 1854, Abraham Lincoln made an interesting mental argument in his personal writings:
“If A. can prove, however conclusively, that he may, of right, enslave B. – why may not B. snatch the same argument, and prove equally, that he may enslave A?-You say A. is white, and B. is black. It is color, then; the lighter, having the right to enslave the darker?  Take care. By this rule, you are to be slave to the first man you meet, with a fairer skin than your own.
You do not mean color exactly?-You mean the whites are intellectually the superiors of blacks, and, therefore have the right to enslave them?  Take care again. By this rule, you are to be slave to the first man you meet, with an intellect superior to your own.
            But, you say, it is a question of interest; and if you can make it your interest, you have the right to enslave another. Very well. And if he can make it his interest, he has the right to enslave you.” (Angle and Mires, p.156)

            Lincoln’s point is well made.  In every regard we cannot hold ourselves any higher in esteem than any other human, lest we ourselves discover someone else views us as worms in the dirt, and thereby enslaved. Even clearer is the idea with our interest in enslavement, others may arise who equally have an interest in enslaving us. Doing so, conclusively, of right, enslave.

            The woman who stands on her right to enslave her unborn child, for whatever reason, has devalued human life for all. And as being Lincoln’s Party A, might one day in her late 70’s find herself looking up a bright young doctor with a needle in his hand, ready to enslave her for a long time as Party B.

            The list of potential slaves in a crowded and increasingly hostile world could be quite long. If discarding an unborn human is no big deal, then why not a grown humans deemed worthless. Indeed, one dictatorial demagogue was nearly successful in silently solving his Jewish problem using the very same logic as the white slave holder and the modern abortion rights advocate. Worthless, sub/non-humans, were not worthy of breath. Therefore, he gassed a few million Jews. Doing it, conclusively, by right, and approved by a silent citizenry.

            And the silent slavery going on in the abortion clinics of America is not only enslaving the innocent human soul in the womb, but generating an economic enslavement that will doom America to third rate status within the next two or three generations.

            How you ask? Do the math and look at history. Since 1972 the reintroduction of slavery by the infamous Supreme Court decision, Roe Vs Wade, the total number of slaves between 1973 to 2011 was 53 million ( Thus on average 1.4 million humans were enslaved by abortion.  A record of accomplishment we all can be proud of, eh?

            Now let us assume for the sake of my poor public education math skills the slaves were free at birth, expected to become wholesome citizens, and begin to earn incomes at age 18. Thus in 1991, the first 1.4 million slaves (placed into bondage in 1973), had they been free, would have become producing citizens.  For the sake of argument, let us assume most earned minimum wage, maybe making on average $12,000 a year.
So, 1,400,000 X 12,000 = $16,800,000,000.00

That is as single year loss of $16.8 BILLION in potential economic input for the American GPD just in the first year. What is the fiscal impact from slavery of this first cohort?
$16.8B X 43 years = $638.4 Billion.  

In simple math, the lost gross economic income comes to a staggering $638.4 billion over 43 years. But if you stop to consider those entering the workforce in 1990 should be hauling down an increased average of $30,000 by 2016 and you add in the compounding factor of interest, the economic losses related to modern abortionist slavery is potentially in the TRILLIONS! Again, just for the first year slave cohort.  Consider the other 37 years of abortion slavery!

I’m sure, by now, every economist and statistician worth their 2 Sample t-Test is running around yelling these numbers are bogus and certainly don’t represent what is actually happening as a result of the silent slavery. They would be right.  Some of the freed slaves would have died; some would be welfare cheats and be sucking off the public dole. Some would not invest their money in Wall Street. Others still would have run off to France and be flipping the bird at America. But some would be hugely successful like Mark Zuckerberg, born in 1984.   However, even if I am wrong by half, that is still a huge, gigantic, hole in the American and world economic system.

Then let us look at another American demographic occurring simultaneously with silent slavery. Think two words: Baby Boom. The rising tsunami that is heading on-shore is about the rip the financial moorings right out from under America. A huge wave of senior citizens is rushing to retirement will suck the life out of American workers of the next generation. Already for each retiree on Social Security it takes 3.5 full time workers to meet the current demand of Social Security retirees.  In just a few years according to GAO accountants, that number will have to be 5, then 6, then 7 and more. As the wave of baby boomers reach the magic age of 65 and demand their rightful Social Security and Medicare,  the burden of paying into the system will become a living hell for our children and grandchildren.  A payroll tax on middle class Americans of upward of 50% of gross income is just a conservative estimate.

So combine the baby boom tsunami with silent slavery and you have the ideal mix for an economic meltdown unlike ever seen in the world. Alternatively, some drastic change in what is found acceptable will be required. In other words, new forms of slavery.  Just take out a few worthless old geezers on the top end. Anyone care for some “Soylent Green”?

Some will doubt this pessimistic view. You can, they say, have your cake and eat it too. I think not. History is on my side.

In the early part of the 20th century, the nation of France suffered under a horrible war, where the pride and flower of not just one but two generations were snuffed out in the trenches of World War I.  The loss of human life, both military and civilian, to the French nation was staggering. The bloody tally was 2.5 million French citizens no longer available to participate in their nation’s victory. A short time later, comparatively, an equally devastating second conflict swarmed over France, again resulting in the loss of millions of French youth and seniors.

 In the space of less than 40 years the once proud nation of France was laid waste and their most productive asset, its people, were gone. Just the loss of those few million souls was enough to relegate France to a second rate world power. Unable to protect their own national security interests their world influence dwindled to just a flicker of its former self. While today they flex a some muscle in the European Union, France is still anemic and weak.  No nation can lose the cream of its citizenry and do well in the end. By the way, the same held true to the Russians and Chinese. 

This enslavement practice has other impacts as well. In business, this is known as “Opportunity Loss”.  America is experiencing a WWI and WWII every year.  Currently, 2014, nine hundred eighty three thousand (980,000) humans became slaves. That is nearly 2,700 humans become slaves every day. Every life enslaved represents an enormous economic loss as well as a catastrophic brain drain. Out of 53 million enslavements since 1973, one can only wonder what might have been. Was an aborted human life destined to find the cure for aids? Maybe the human life would have invented anti-matter propellant. Perhaps the aborted human would have solved the question of why cataracts grow and blind millions in third world nations. Alternatively, maybe the slave human would have been the future inventor of interstellar human transport.  The opportunities and possibilities lost are the most damning aspect of the entire immoral abortion concept. 

The practice is completely preventable. Stop the slave trade. The Red’s dream is of emancipation of the unborn child, as well as, cherishing the life of every human. Red’s know America’s moral and economic future is with the choice of life.  Anything else is national suicide.

*Author’s note:  Originally written in 2004 as part of a set of essays entitled, Better Red Than Dead, explaining why he was a “Red” which is the common identity of those of the right or conservative political persuasion.  Those of the left or liberal/socialist political spectrum are Blues.  The essay was updated 2016 to include newer data and to further explore modern slavery concepts.


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