Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whole Foods for Whole People

Fox News reports upon publication of John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, opinion in the Friday Wall Street Journal on the health care debt the left wing nuts are forming an all out boycott of the chain. (Whole Foods CEO's Health Care Views Provoke Some Customers to Boycott Store) His opinion contains some pretty grounded ideas on how to fix what needs fixing and leaving that part of the health system that works alone. Nutters on the left wrote comments such as:
"While it was a horrible business move, it was a great courtesy," a commenter identified as boycottwf wrote. "Now, I know that my dollars spent at whole foods are going to fund your misguided conservative views."

The commenter added, "Until you publicly apologize to the nation and pledge that you will provide better benefits to your employees, I will not spend another dime at your store."
BETTER benefits for employees!! Most of the 45 million uninsured would kill for his company's health program that lets workers develop a roll-over health savings account ultimately belonging to them and not Dear Leader Obama. Actually boycottwf''s dollars goes to employee a whole bunch of organic vendors and world wide PC producers of natural products lefty nutters need to keep their karma in alignment with the star Polaris.

Another so-called enlightened lefty wrote:
".......identified as Betrayed, who claims to have been a customer for
nearly 20 years, said, "I was so shocked to read Mr. Mackey's horrible, horrible
opinion in the WSJ. I hope this severely hurts his profits. His customer base is
mostly liberal Democrats who will, like me, be horrified at what we have been
supporting all this time."

Just like the liberal left, whine about things while sipping their organic Chi as they check out of Whole Foods after buying the latest political correct coffee or chocolate. (Obvious a shallow customer: buys organic but hasn't a clue about the business principles of the company.) The boycott will flame out eventually as the left really doesn't want to give up the only quality source of organic foods in many cities.

Apparently neither of the posters to WSJ must have understood what Mr. Mackey wrote. Talk about knee-jerk reaction. What could be more organic and natural than home grown health care, where the local community and individuals take care of themselves. Mackey's is all for over-haul of the health care system, just he wants the incremental, targeted changes that will make an immediate and real impact to millions of citizens. Power to the people, not Washington DC. Actually several of his improvements are part of the proposed plans, stated in plain language, and doesn't require Big Brother's hand in our wallet to do it.

The Watchman for one will be happy to go to Whole Foods. I call on all conservatives to support Mr. Mackey for his right to operate Whole Foods the way he wants and encourage his proactive approach to employee benefits.

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