Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Red Flag Warning: The Democrats Issue a "Fatwa" - Banishment of Chick-fil-A

The Watchman is raising a Red Flag Warning, joining many other leaders across the nation who are shocked and concerned about the 'fatwa' issued by the Democrats concerning the personal beliefs of the owner of Chick-fil-A not supporting gay marriage based on his Christian faith.

Mr. Dan Cathy, owner and founder of the Chick-fil-A fast food chain, recently admitted he was not a supporter of the gay marriage movement. For that public admission he has been roundly attacked by Democrats, as well as, had his company’s livelihood threatened by the jack-booted thugs of big government. What is important in Mr. Cathy’s remarks is he did not diminish the personhood of those in the gay lifestyle, and did not indicate they were not welcome in his company or as patrons of his company’s independently owned franchise locations. He simply stated his personal belief that the Bible did not sanction gay marriage, and therefore he could not in good conscious support such a policy.

That said my red flag warning has little to do with Mr. Cathy’s position on gay marriage. My red flag is going up because of what happened some eighty years ago in a small, underdeveloped, and debt ridden nation known as Germany.

The rise of National Socialism, the forerunner of radical leftist socialism we see blooming in the world today, brought with it the specter of “thought police”. Dur Furhrer, Adolf, was PC before PC was cool in the modern world. Almost overnight good German citizens began to assert thought rules. Voicing praise of Jews was akin to being labeled a pedophile and such comments reported to local Nazi political agents. People turned on other people for saying things the government believed were subversive or non-supportive of the National Socialist Movement. As the Nazi’s power and need for absolute control grew, more and more citizens became afraid of their very words if not their own shadow.

Coupled with the presence of extreme political correctness, was the heavy use of government offices to squash any semblance of opposition. Any individual who questioned the widely held belief of the day that Hitler was the genius of a revitalized Germany became immediately suspect and “roundly attacked”. The policies of Hitler were not to be questioned, even if they did appear to be in conflict with German law, as well as Christian morality. Eventually Jewish businesses were ordered to paint the Star of David on their business signs to identify them as the hated low-life’s Nazis thought police invoked to poison Germans against Jews. We all know after watching Schindler’s List, how the Nazi government systematically moved from subtle intimidation of Jewish business to outright theft and then, murder.

You may think that cannot happen here in America. You would be wrong. A little publicized event has occurred in the country with similar overtones of government threat and use of intimidation. Recently several donors to Mr. Romney’s campaign were “outed” and subjected to harassment by not only Democratic Party dirt diggers, but also suddenly these donors received IRS audits, inspections by the Department of Labor, and other heavy-handed government actions. May be these were “coincidental” events, but the Watchman has his doubts.

A few Germans, to be certain, grew uneasy with the nearly slavish obedience to the Nazi party line. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was one such citizen, a Christian pastor who early on recognized where the slippery slope was leading and braved the onslaught of the Gestapo to affect change. He paid the ultimate price for his faith.

There may be the making of a modern day Bonhoeffer. Todd Starnes in a July 31, 2012 op-ed for FoxNews.com reported on a pastor at Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago responding to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s threat to bar Chick-Fil-A from the 'Windy City'. Pastor Charles Lyons preached, “If the thought police come to Armitage Baptist Church, we will meet them at the door, respectfully, unflinchingly, willing to die on this hill holding a copy of the sacred Scriptures in one hand and a copy of the U.S. Constitution in the other.”

No citizen of this nation should believe government persecution of a person's faith is a positive for our nation. The lessons of history of doing so point to the “final solution”, millions murdered, and a world of dehumanizing grief.

The Watchman is raising the red flag. We have little to fear from a chicken sandwich peddler and much to fear from a society ignoring abuses of liberty by government agents with the power to crush those who do not hold to the “party” line.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Red Flag Warning: The Days of Big Brother Are Here

The Watchman scans over the parapet, gazing out into the far distant horizon, searching for any sign of danger, ready to raise the red flag in warning. Today he sees a apparition of a ghost looming over the land, a black cloud that hangs low, with threatening flashes of lighting across the sky. What is he really seeing? The ghost of Big Brother.

For those graduates of the recent mediocre public school system, Big Brother was the omnipetant hand of the state, that invaded every aspect of human life in George Orwell's classic, 1984. Big Brother was every where via audio and video circuits spread out like a spider's web across the world. Orwell saw the world wide web long before there was a world wide web, as well as the inevitable downside concequences.

Big Brother is sneaking all across the land in a seemingly harmless manner. Little by little the eye of Big Brother peeks here and there, with most citizenary not any more aware than when they first groggly wake up after a long night at a party. How is Big Brother doing this? Self-digital data capture or to use an Orwellian term, SDD.

Here is how insidiously SDD works. First the victim is enticed to buy some new fangled toy. Digital camera, iphone, computer, GPS unit, iPod, and etc. To operate the thing the owner has to upload a bunch of software from the vendor selling the item. In that process everything about the owner is collected and placed on a server. The owner is now digitally tracked, regardless of how much the vendor promises not to do so.

Second, the new toy has wonderful features. My new MacBook Pro has this thing called built in video capture. So I can either take a snap shot of my ugly mug or if I feel extra stupid, a whole video of me doing wild and crazy things. This is just one of the many SDD apps of the system. When apps are updated more data is captured about the owner and their habits. With our other toys, we record all sorts of wonderful and silly things. Everything from the family christmas photo to discussing how a company is going to illegally get rid of waste. All of it stored on a server or hard drive, almost forever, retrievable by someone in the future.

Thirdly, with the modern marvel Al Gore's internet invention, the toy owner can sign up for a whole host of digital connections to the entire world. E-mail and web based apps such a FaceBook, Twitter, BlogSpot and so forth. Almost everything done on a computer is captured somewhere, somehow. Cell phones now are Captain Kirk's dream Tricorder of Star Trek fame. In due course it will be able to take a sonogram of your heart as you feel the first pangs of the big MI, send it off to your cardiologist and call 911 all at the same time. Again, every bit of data is recorded somewhere on a server, just waiting for that curious reporter to plaster your picture or words all over the world when you run for dog catcher.

There it is my friends. The eye of Big Brother is opened by the very victim themselves. That is unless your smart. The Associated Press ran an article about the Penn State scandal and a comment from the lawyer for the late Joe Paterno's family caught my eye.
Wick Sollers, the lawyer for the Paterno family, said in a statement Saturday that it would be inappropriate for the family to comment on the contents of the emails because the family didn't possess them.
"To be clear, the emails in question did not originate with Joe Paterno or go to him as he never personally utilized email," Sollers said.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/30/report-ex-psu-president-okd-not-reporting-abuse/#ixzz1zNuMOwtg
We may never know what Joe knew or when he knew it about Sandusky's abuse of boys because he was smart enough not to use e-mail. As a lawyer once told me, "if it isn't written down, it never happened."

So be warned friends. Think before you release SDD to the world. The days of Big Brother are here and he gets his information fix directly from your own hand.