Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whole Foods Markets - Part II

The Left is in full attack mode. Several months ago the Watchman made the observation that one of the tactics of socialists and Marxists is to first to eat their own so as to consolidate power and enable focused effort on those who oppose their plans. We are now seeing the first signs of this phenomenon. I reported on Whole Foods' CEO, Mr. Mackey, audacity to write an opinion in opposition to President Obama's health care plans and how the left's reaction was to declare war on Whole Foods by boycotting the business. Apparently over 18,000 incensed customers wrote to Whole Foods' Facebook page indicating they are no longer going to patronize Whole Foods. They are declaring Mr. Mackey is a out-of-the-closet conservative worthy of having his business fall into bankrupcy and thousands of workers put on the unemployment line as punishment for daring to oppose BHO's form of health care reform. But let's take a closer look at Mr. Mackey.

Two years ago, Mr. Mackey looked at his own personal income and values he ascribes too and decided he could live comfortably on what his investments brought in. So he set his CEO pay at $1.00 per year. Yes you read that right. One US Dollar per year. Then during the past year of recession his company HIRED 8,200 workers, making good on their promise to continued provision of first class service to their patrons. Then he decided that all future stock options he would gain as the CEO would be DONATED to charity. Now tell me does this sound like a raving radical right-wing, gun toting, Bible thumping, red necked conservative? Not to me. Kind of wish I worked for Whole Foods!

Because one man dared to present eight common sense reform proposals that conflicted with the party line, he and Whole Foods is being pilloried. The left smells blood in the water and a feeding frenzy is underway.

This weekend, head to a local Whole Foods Market, ask for the manager, and tell him that you are there not because you agree with Mr. Mackey, but because you support his (and our) right to free speech without fear of potential retribution by those who can not win the argument on substance.

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