Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 - The Summer That Never Came and The Check is in the Mail

I know most of my friends in Kansas will scream foul, but believe it or not here in Colorado we've never really had summer. In Colorado Springs we have had record lows and rain just about every other day, and cloudy when not raining. Hottest day has been 87 and if I recall, that lasted all of ten minutes before the clouds moved in for the afternoon rain. If this is global warming, then I'm most glad for it. Where our landscape is usually by mid-August a burnt brown with dust devils blowing skyward, we have a verdant green, rich in every hue. Only draw back is with the cool nights and lukewarm days, the Watchman's tomatoes aren't ripening very well. If they don't, then I'm going to have a giant, all you can eat, green tomato fry on the patio with lots of zucchini bread!

The Watchman can't resist a little political observation. As you all know I've been closely keeping an eye on the health care legislation debate and other wonders of the BHO administration. I heard reported this morning that less than 2% of the car dealers who have submitted the paperwork for reimbursement for fronting the Cash 4 Clunkers program have yet to receive payment. Wonder how many dealerships will now go under because they couldn't get the thousands they loaned the administration for the program with the promise of quick payback. Had to laugh as the Watchman deals with contract payments to vendors every day and after seeing how inept the "electronic" payment system is, I would never want to bet my company's net worth on the "Prompt Payment Act". We had one case where a data entry clerk innocently typed in the wrong 4-digit code for the defense pay office and it took over 5 months to get it straightened out! (By the way the vendor elected NOT to claim interest as he rightly figured the original payment of $82.0K would be held up to process the claim.)

These two activities, Clunkers and Contractor payments, are good evidence of how we don't want government 'innovating' health care administration. I can see going to the death committee's web site and typing in the wrong code so instead of having your ingrown toe nail removed, you get a vasectomy instead. Or how cheerful do you think Doc Miller going to be when you next visit, he hasn't gotten payment for your last three visits, and the local Obamacare point of contact tells the good doctor the 'check is in the mail'.

Aspects to ponder, eh?

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