Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reason # 1 Why Government Should Not Run Health Care

The Watchman is a government employee for the military-industrial complex. So I have a pretty good idea of how government run, public option, Obama-Care or what ever euphemism is used to describe a system where government is involved in health care administration will actually operate. The #1 reason is bureaucratic ineptitude and multiple layers of redundant and non-value added approval processes. Every government employee wants cover. That's called CYA in most circles. So every, and I do mean every, decision from buying toilet paper to nuclear weapons has layer upon layer of required approvals from start to finish. I work the environmental arena, and to acquire a simple service such as inventorying the number of blue eyed deer on our installation using a contractor takes no less than 10 civilians from GS-11 to GM-15 passing judgement and if the action involves greater than $1.0M, six more high paid upper level command staff have to sign off on it! All but three are non-value added steps that cost you the tax payer big bucks. (You may ask why doesn't the Watchman just go out and count the deer himself. I would love to, but then who would do all the approvals for the other projects?) Multiple this one action by 10thousand and you see why military has to have so many government employees.

Now, just imagine having to process claims for 375 million people enrolled in public option health care! Only one benefit to this is a lower unemployment rate, but then do you want Doug who took 10th grade three times to be in the approval chain to get your new kidneys? While a shortage of doctors/nurses will result in rationed care, there will be plenty of bureaucrats by the thousands to review your request, passing the paper in an endless loop of CYA. So far I haven't seen any discussion of the HOW on implementation of the democratic plans. And that my friends is just the tip of the iceberg waiting to rip out the guts of American health care system.


  1. What health care system? You mean the one where thousands of private bureaucrats employed by the insurance companies to avoid paying my claims go thorough multiple levels of review to "prove" why the fine print excludes my pre-existent condition?

    If you are a government employee you have the best health care system in the nation, albeit the US health care is not the best in the world, all I want is the same system you, Reid, Pelosi and Obama have.

  2. I'm confused, are you arguing that the entire healthcare system will crumble if one of the variables in the proposed plan is to allow for a public option or the United States would be better protected by privatizing the military?

    It is easy for work life, whether privately or government ran to be perceived as less than desirable. Let me ask the question, what does a country look like with privately ran military system? Honestly, I can't think of one. Just imagining, coup d'├ętat immediately comes to mind.

    Now, how does that compare with a solely privatized heath care system? Maybe not as physically violent, but ugly non the less.

    Just my two cents.