Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Red Flag Warning: You Might Want to Stay Home On 9/11.

Just a basic thought for safety.  If you live in a boarder state or one of the major metro areas of our nation, you may want to think strongly about staying home come September 11th. 

It is pretty obvious our President is a day late and a dollar short on his response to the threat that ISIS poses to our nation. Talk about the “JV” team! Combine that attitude with an open door policy at the southern boarder where there is strong intelligence ISIS and the drug cartels are best of friends, certainly should give one pause about being out on the town, sending a kid to school, or enjoying a shopping trip to the local mall.

The Watchman could be all wet, and there are some talking head experts who say ISIS wants to create their own “special” day for America since they don’t respect Bin Laden’s organization.  So it may not be 9/11, but some other day down the road. Yet, why take the risk? Personally if I had kids in school in any boarder state, they’d be home watching reruns of Mr. Rogers.

In a criminal investigation, detectives look for capability, motive, and opportunity. ISIS has all three lined up and ready to go. They have acquired millions in assets and money so they could easily send “troops” to Mexico City who then travel to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, or California by simply following the herd of illegals walking north. ISIS hates America and Christians/Jews that is motive enough.  And as previously mentioned, the opportunity Obama has given any terrorist or drug lord, is an open boarder to walk across unimpeded.

Add on the apparent leadership vacuum by Obama over taking even the least bit of precautions on 9/11/2012 and you have the makings of another horrific event.  It will be tough to top the crashing of the World Trade Centers, but ISIS isn’t about grand spectacular events. They are more like the sneaky little SS Nazis thugs who enjoy cutting the heads off of infidels. So butchering a school full of kids is just their cup of tea.

For what it’s worth, take a day of annual leave, play monopoly with the kids, and think about the thousands who lost their lives to Islamo-fascists 13 years ago.

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