Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Would Have Thought?

"McCarthyism is the politically motivated practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence." (italics added)

Who would have thought the Democrats would resurrect the vestige of Senator Joseph McCarthy? The Watchman was born in 1952 smack dab in the middle of the big "Red Scare". Many younger folks don't remember much about that black spot on American history, but the story now needs to be relearned. Over the past two weeks we have heard a rising crescendo of accusation and innuendo by Democratic Congressional leadership, especially Speaker Pelosi, that characterizes citizens who attend their local congressional Representatives town halls as "Nazis" and "unAmerican". Speaker Pelosi has no evidence Nazis are running the protests, nor is it unAmerican to dissent. In fact I thought is was the democrats who invented the concept during Viet Nam, Gulf I and II. At that time it was considered "patriotic" to dissent. But I guess not now, when the President anoints a plan to socialize health care in America.

The Obama White House in a frenzy of fear, promotes a web site and an email address where "fishy" people can be reported as fermenting dissent on the chosen plan. With this new tactic, as stupid as calling an entire police department stupid, brings the specter of "McCarthyism". Again, who would have ever thought this would happen again in America?

The Watchman considers it no small risk to register his dissent to the health care program being shoved down the communal throats of American citizens. If McCarthy was able to black list whole groups of people for alleged communist ties, its not too hard to imagine what the Administration could do with today's modern electronic technology. Is it too far fetched to think my last tax return might suddenly be picked for an audit? Or how about monitoring my financial records or cell phone. Remember the Patriot Act, that allows the government to eavesdrop? Under a moral President we're safe, under Obama, I'm not so sure he won't twist the law to his own use. Or maybe I'll get a visit from an Acorn or Union staff member, carrying a pick-axe handle, to persuade me to reconsider my view. As a federal employee, might my name surface for a "reduction in force"? You laugh...ask those black listed during the Red Scare.

It is most disturbing to see leaders who should know better, insult and castigate the average citizen for taking a stand in opposition to the government under their Constitutional First Amendment rights. And for the White House to energize a "Fink" site is alarmingly similar to the old Soviet Union's methods to intimidate its comrades into submission. Every American of every political party should call on the Administration to immediately stop this activity. For if it continues, then every American should be most afraid of the ghost of McCarthy past.

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