Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Connecting The Dots

Greetings again from the liquid sunshine state! I think we're beating out Seattle for daily rain.

In the "If you don't believe me" department. Fox News has series on the coming commercial real estate bubble bust. Last Thursday the Watchman warned the Republic about this very real developing financial crisis. Elizabeth MacDonald writes about The Second Wave of the Credit Crisis being predicted by many experts. It is a three parter, so have to be patient to read all installments. Still, it is another independent dot to connect that not all is well fiscally in America despite administration shouts of economic victory.


  1. Watchman, I wanted you to know I have been seeing the whole thing quite like you have. There is no way Obama could mess with the mortgages, banks,and GM. Then dream up the "Cash for Clunkers" and think the economy would settle into a healthy mode. Watchman, keep watching and I appreciate your eyes.

  2. Hey Watchmen I have a hard time reading your blogs due the small letters and the font you use.