Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reason #2 Why Government Should Not Run Health Care

Thus far in my investigation, no where in the legislation does it state how much I will pay for government health care and when it will actually be available. When a mutual fund sales person presents a sales pitch to buy shares in a fund, by law, they have to provide a prospectus of the fund to inform you of what the current cost per share is and what the investment consists of. If you sign up, they have to tell you when your shares will be purchased and most importantly if you sell your shares when they will be sold. In the health care legislation, neither of these facts are presented. In fact it appears the authors have purposely wrote the legislation such that a platoon of lawyers would be needed to determine what it does or doesn't do!

The preamble to both House and Senate bills state the purpose of the laws are to provide affordable health care to all citizens. So how can we know what if it is affordable if no individual premium cost is presented? The Congressional Budget Office presented numbers of the cost for the overall program, but how does that translate to what we have to render to Cesar? How will can we evaluate what our individual cost will be in comparison to our current costs? We need to know this before a law is passed the creates a massive overhaul of the system that may be irreversible with out substantial damage to our economy. Should we know the cost before we sign the papers? And shouldn't we know what the base line rules are for entry into and exit from the public option? I think so. President Obama owes us a truth in health care cost explanation.

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