Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cabbage and Motorcycles

The Watchman attempted to make sauerkraut last month. A total dismal failure. Used way too much salt and was a better poultice for a gaping flesh wound from a minnie ball at the Battle of Bull Run. So headed to the local farmer's market and got me three giant heads of cabbage for $4 bucks. Took my refurbished antique cabbage shredder and made up a crock full of cabbage, actually measured out the salt this time and proceeded to mash the salted cabbage into the crock. Should result in a good batch. Problem is I bought two too many heads of cabbage! Just like the government I over estimated the need and unless I want 12 more pounds of sauerkraut I got to figure out what to do with the excess. Cash for Cabbage?

Sold my Yamaha V-Star 250 over the week-end. Also similar to the government this time I underestimated the size to do the job and will actually cause an over all cost over-run to acquire a bigger bike. My eye is on Yamaha's V-Star 950. (At 47 mpg, the government should be paying me a gas saver differential.) Now this baby should rattle the dishes in the house when I leave for work! Let me know your thoughts on this aspect. Am I crazy or what?

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