Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Are We Outraged?

The Watchman came across news of the "End-of-Life Guide" supposedly brought back into distribution to Veterans by the Obama Administration. The airwaves are a twitter with outrage and one Senator (Arlen "Turn Coat" Spector) hotly called for a congressional investigation. Guess that's one way to shore up a weasel's flip flopping. As it turns out, apparently the guide was published up to 1997 when it was taken out of circulation. While the BHO administration is dumb to bring it back now while we are all arguing over 'death panels', it was used in past democratic and republican led VA administrations. So let's call this one, at least on the surface, a draw.

That said, the blogs title, "Why Are We Outraged?" reflects the concern of our apparent national hypocrisy over death issues, where death is either at the hands of an abortionist or from the needle for euthanasia of our elders. Indeed why are we outraged? With abortion, killing an innocent unborn defenseless baby, it is done with nary a thought or a how-de-do. The industrial-abortion factories churn out over 1.5 million abortions a year. Big business if I ever saw one! So why the outrage over suggesting a few Vets think of offing themselves? The true 100% disabled, functionally worthless blobs of living tissue are hardly any different than their younger yet unborn counter parts at the other end of the spectrum. Wouldn't it be more convenient for them and other non-vets of similar circumstance to simply pull the plug and just DIE. They are a burden on society aren't they? They require constant care like a baby don't they? They might be of a terrible home-family situation where the wife does crack or is a prostitute. May be the parents don't have extra money to care for their wounded Solider, the poor soul would be sentenced to a life of deprivation. So wouldn't it be just better for the Vet and disabled if we just ended their lives for them? They probably would thank us, don't you think?

Once a nation begins to slide down that slippery slope of considering one segment of society to be worthless, it doesn't take long to find other segments to be equally unworthy of life, liberty, and happiness. So if you are going to be outraged about suggesting we snuff out disabled Vets, handicapped, and elderly citizens, then you'd better be outraged by the blind killing of the unborn. By the millions.

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