Friday, July 3, 2015

RED FLAG WARNING: Welcome To New America

Welcome To New America
By Mark R. Bradbury, The Watchman

It is has been 16 score and 19 years since the founding of our nation on July 4, 1776.  The men who met in Philadelphia's Independence Hall on those hot muggy May and June days could never have imagined how different the country they founded and pledged their sacred honor to would change in the intervening 339 years. Very much gone is their idea of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness that once burned within their patriot souls.  The old America is gone. The New America has come.

What is this New America espousing so radically different than the Old?  First and foremost is the loss of liberty.  In the Old America, one could freely believe, as he or she desired as moved by their creator. Their faith led them to flee from the religious tyranny of Europe, to find safe haven in a new and challenging world.  Except for a very small minority, most faithful were tolerant, loving the sinner, but hating the sin, attempting to live within the broad bounds that God set for humans.  In the New America, all this has changed.  President Obama in his second inaugural address said, 

“Being true to our founding documents does not require us to agree on every contour of life; it does not mean we will all define liberty in exactly the same way…” 

Today, in the New America, liberty means suppression.  Citizens of faith can no longer state in good conscious, that they cannot perform acts they consider to be antithetical to their faith values.  Rather, they are now forced by the long arm of the law to do that which offends their sincerely held faith values.   In the New America, the slightest sense of offense of one group is grounds for squashing the liberty of others. University speech codes and the plethora of victim identification courses crush objective discourse.  Many residents of New America do not want to hear/read words of an opposing paradigm, but only what tickles their own ears and makes them feel loved.  Thus the First Amendment's liberty of speech, religion, and press is nullified by political correctness run amuck.

The New America is experiencing rabid redistribution of wealth, from those who have to those who have not.  The Old America could not envision laws that dispensed with the rights of accused nor the taking of property as in the days of British Colonial Royal decrees.  As just one example, the New America has such a law, Civil Forfeiture Act, in which innocent citizens are deprived of trial, seizure of property, and must prove their innocence to a non-judicial IRS, a la the French approach to justice. Added to these egregious actions, the tax system created is used to perpetuate the division of classes in such a manner that one born at one level has little hope of rising to a higher level. And even more appalling, the system is set so as to ensure a lifetime of subservience to the state, else lose the 'support' needed for 'life'.  Old America rejoiced at John F. Kennedy’s call for patriotic service to the nation.  New America celebrates what can be gotten from the state. The Old America of self-determination is buried under the weight of the government handout in the New America. 

New America is for the here and now.  Consumption and lust for the material goods of what makes life good is the driving force behind the New America.  Rather than 'build' it our selves as of old, we just buy it from foreign nations, driving up our debt and in some cases enriching our enemies. In the Old America, the leaders of those times were fearful of national debt, as well as the sweet promise of easy credit. Rightfully so it now seems.  In the New America, citizens think nothing of buying stuff well beyond their need and simultaneously, and self-righteously, brag about their recycle tote they wheel out to the curb on trash days.  The Old America really did know how to 'make-do', 'reinvent', 'reuse', and dare we say, 'share'.  In the Old America, if a neighboring farmer's bailer broke down, he could count on help from the fellow down the road.  In the New America, we just go to the bank, take out an equity loan, and buy new equipment made in China.

In the New America, humor is thought to be a string of four letter words.  In the Old America there was Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Jack Parr, Jack Bennie, Lucile Ball, Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Johnny Carson and so many other great, clean mouthed, and brilliant humorists.  The New America is a humorless society of cynical drones, addicted to their ipads, autos, and themselves. The jokes are dry and witless, couched in political correctness that stifles the laugh reflex.  The music is soulless as well. Rock and Country is gone with songs of superficial angst of a mean boyfriend, swinging around on a wrecking ball half naked, or consists of repetitious shuddering of poorly laid lyrics advocating hate or death to almost any authority.  The Old America was 'This Land is my Land', 'If I had a Hammer', 'My Coat of Many Colors',  'Okie From Muskogie', 'Why I Wear Black', 'Hello Trouble', 'Your Cheating Heart', 'He Stopped Loving Her Today', and hundreds of ballads about hardworking men and women who scratched out a living from the coal mines of Kentucky to the once vibrant fruit farms of California. Old America had a deep, earthy, soul.  New America is about as superficial as wet onion paper.

New America is not a pretty place, especially in the urban centers.  The New America says 'Why should I clean the mess around me. That's the government's job.'  The Old America took pride in doing things its self. It did not need government to clean up the trash in front of people's homes, they did so themselves. The Old America painted their homes and fixed their roofs, mowed their yards and if needed helped their neighbors.  In the New America, we hire it done. Need a green lawn, hire True-Green to spray chemicals every month. Hire a lawn care company to mow. Hire a painter to paint. Fake a claim for insurance to fix the roof and hire someone to do it for you.  In the New America we change data to fit our preconceived hypothesis of millionaire political-scientists who bluster impending climate doom.  In Old America, science upheld the integrity of data, sought real answers to real problems.  Old America solved complex challenges.  In New America when facts don’t fit the line, we simply ignore or change the facts. In New America words no longer mean what they mean, but what the elite want them to mean to fit the politically correct narrative.

In the New America, we want it now. We want it big. We want it better.  We want it safe.  In the New America we want no risks. In the old America we wanted liberty. So we took risks. We didn't take out wagon insurance before leaving Westport, Missouri on the Oregon Trail. We knew it would take months to arrive on the west coast and there was no guarantee we'd get there in one piece. In Old America the achievement was not placing a man on the moon, it was devising a way to get Apollo 13’s crew back with untried solutions and seat of the pants flying. In Old America, we wanted better, but willing to work for it our selves. We wanted more, but always willing to give. Big to the Old America was just enough to keep it simple and affordable. In Old America an open space concept was considered the great outdoors.  In New America open space is the view from a granite topped counter into the vaulted spacious living room with a fake fireplace, LCD TV, connected to the family room and wet bar, leading to the attached three car garage protecting autos mostly not made in America along with staggering debt payments for all the above.

In the Old America, we believed in our selves and our country. We knew we had warts, blemishes and hideous birthmarks. Things we're not always perfect with harmonious relations. But for the most part and for most Old American's we trusted one another and shared our hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow, both for our selves as well as our children and grandchildren. Dr. King gave us a vision of what could be, not the nightmare of what was past.  In the New America, we hardly lift our heads from the latest game app on our iPhone as the TV blares out a scene that our grandmothers would have blushed over. Restaurants are filled with families for a night out together, but each person self absorbed by their iPhone mobile FaceBook/Twitter action.  In New America we talk more and communicate less.   In the New America it is about ultra-sensitivity of person, correctness of speech, safety from uncomfortable truths, trigger words of implied micro-aggressions, and crippling narcissism where my right trumps your right, my hate trumps your hate. The Old America embraced tolerance and real innovative, critical, thinking. The New America asserts repression and ditches tried and true values.  

The Old America was Norman Rockwell. The New America is the Crucifix stuck in a mason jar of urine.  The Old America is dead and gone.  Welcome to New America. Enjoy, while it lasts.