Monday, August 6, 2012

Red Flag Warning: Watch the News Cycles

In the coming weeks the Watchman will be scanning the headlines for the latest news on our intense presidential elections.  The key is to observe the news cycles for strategies each candidate or party attempts to utilize. Thus far the President tends to fire his salvos of negative campaigns late Thursdays or early Fridays so as to capitalize on the week-end news cycle and gain an 'upper hand' for the Sunday talk shows. His tactic, as carried out by the administration talking head lackeys, is to assert some outlandish claim that captures the shallow thinking mainstream media who, like lap dogs, pant for each slender bone thrown to them by the administration. The latest is Senator Harry Reid who whipped out a Friday, floor the Senate where he's protected from slander laws, claim to have the inside scoop on Mr. Romney's lack of tax payments. (That must have been a shocker over at IRS as they would be the ones to know if anyone failed to pay taxes. ) A slick tactic that is starting to backfire on Senator Reid when the Romney team told him to 'put up or shut up".

The tactic is executed so few people on the street paid much attention to the dismal job numbers that came out on that very same Friday. So once again, instead of discussion why we're in the doldrums economically with no real plan to get us moving, we see the headlines and talking heads blabbing about wether Harry is a nut-ball liar or Romney is a tax cheating so and so. The sad aspect is our nation is in great need of leadership that will lead, and not resort to diverting tactics. Where is the discussion about energy policy, Iran response, how we will work with a new Syrian government, and plans for getting America back to work?  These are the questions the Watchman has, not if old Harry has a loose screw.

Watch in the coming weeks for more such tom-foolerly by the Democrats. They and the President have to do everything they can to divert attention from the administration's record. They are so desperate that instead of the President standing on his own two feet before the American public to declare his program, he has had to ask former President Clinton to come shill for him. When this was announced, again on a weekend, it was a signal that all is not well in the Obama campaign. Something in the numbers, despite suspect polling data, scares the bejesus out of the administration enough to call in help from the former President. The Watchman isn't buying the gig, and in due course Billy C will spill out his true thoughts on the President's term in some unscripted moment. Now that will be a news cycle worth waiting for!