Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something Light

With the recent heavy rains in Colorado our garden is producing lots of veggies. So what to do with lots of Spaghetti Squash? We are desperate for recipes on dealing with Spaghetti Squash. We've found a few on line such as 'low carb spaghetti squash pancakes' and 'spaghetti squash frittata'. Next veggie crisis will be the zucchinis and acorn squash that will be ready in a couple of weeks. So send me your recipes. Let me know if it is ok to share them with my readers.

Stupidity, Beer, and Pelosi

Oh! This is so much fun and the Watchman doesn't hardly know where to begin! What does stupidity, beer, and Pelosi have in common? One might not see the connection right off, but I'll give it a whirl. Obama not only had a Rev. Wright moment when he stumbled into the Professor Gates-Officer Crowley incident, he also had a Forrest Gump moment. Remember in the movie Forrest was telling folks what his mama always said? One of Forrest's better lines, "Stupid is as stupid does". In reality the President was pretty stupid to even utter a syllable in response to the reporter's question. So the first link is BHO's own stupidity. Then comes the proposed beer summit where BHO entices the two parties to come together and make nice over a cold brewski. This accentuates his first stupid mistake by devaluing the importance of the Office of the Presidency by meddling again in a local affair, using cheap beer no less. With world events spinning perilously to nuclear holocaust, global warming cooking the planet, and people dying in the street for the lack of health care, this side show summit diminishes who the President is and more importantly the inherent power of the President. Suppose Gates and Crowley got into another arguement? How would that made the President look? Even with the positive outcome, the photos makes it appear the President was just hanging loose while the two individuals in suits were the ones conducting serious business. Two is company, three is a crowd, eh?

So now we have two links in the chain of stupidity. The third link comes from Dear Speaker Pelosi, who following her leader's stupidity, attacks the insurance industry:
"It's almost immoral what they are doing," Pelosi said to reporters, referring to insurance companies. "Of course they've been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure," she said, adding, "They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening."

So Dear Speaker stupidly insulted an entire business sector with many employeed citizens struggling to make a living, does provide pretty fair services to 305 million citizens, are afraid that "public option" (read government run) health care will kill their livelihoods, and creates continued conditions of instability in the markets. One of the hall marks of a demagogue is to create an enemy to be the brunt of peoples scorn and thereby raise their own power or deflect criticism of themselves. In this case Dear Speaker has done both, a classic Marxist move I might add. In her bold move, she has created a villian many will love to hate while taking the heat off her and her party for devising a multi-trillion dollar government run health care system. (Also removes the heat for her CIA gaffs.)

In her must read book entitled "The forgotten Man", Amity Shlaes discusses how both Coolidge and Roosevelt's constant verbal attacks on "greedy big business" in public settings drove the markets to continued instability thereby prolonging economic depression. Business nature hasn't changed all that much since the 1930's and we're seeing this play out in the stock market. Yes the DJIA is up to 9000, but trading volume is flat and there continues to be incremental inching up followed by plunging declines. Same thing accrued though out the 1930's. Consequently, unemployment froze at 14-16% for a decade. Obama and Pelosi (and other democratic leaders) are making the same stupid mistake.

So there you have it. Stupidity, Beer, and Pelosi neatly networked together making Americans even more depressed. Anyone for a beer?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Untempered Cry of Racism

Greetings....Still experiencing mini cloud bursts of rain, followed by crystal clear blue skis. Colorado at its finest!

A quick blog tonight on the topic of racism or more specifically the all too common casual flinging around the word "racist" and the damage such untempered cries create. Enter Loren Spivack who operated a "conservative" merchandise kiosk in a North Carolina mall. ( Spivack's web site to judge for your self He sold bumper stickers , baby bibs, bobble head dolls, jigsaw puzzles and other assortment of trinkets. All mostly aimed at the left/socialist/pro-abortionist, but did have some GOP zinger items too. He and three other employees (and this is important) made a pretty good living at the mall kiosk. Seems as if "someone" wrote a letter to the editor in the Charlotte Observer criticizing Spivack's business for "promoting racism and sexism". Enter national mall management (Simon Property Group) who would not renew the business lease due to this 'pressure'. Now three employees are now unemployed. But, tell me, what is racist about this bumper sticker: "Work Harder, Obama Needs the Money"? Or the "T-shirt that lists the top 12 things Obama has been doing as the economy crashes"? Or the "baby bibs that say, "My parents chose life. Thanks Mom and Dad" I assume these were some of the worst product examples claimed to promote racism and sexism the reporter found at the kiosk. So here is the issue. In our society today it seems all one has to do is call some one a racist or sexist and bingo law-suit adverse management folds. The "someone" had an opinion Mr. Spivack's line of business was out of bounds on race grounds and threw out the invective to get attention paid to this small thriving business. The logic goes: President Obama is black. The bumper sticker pokes fun at Obama. Therefore the promoter of the bumper sticker is a racist. The "someone" was to stupid not to see the bumper sticker and T-shirt pointed out Obama's fiscal and leadership faults. No different than the left's attacks on President Bush for his "swagger" or supposed lack of intelligence. If I write that 'President Obama strutted to the podium', does that make me a racist? No, I'm commenting on his manner of walk, his portent of self, and has no relationship to the color of his skin. And crying racism over a misinterpreted bumper sticker lowers the value of "racism" to that of a BB. Eventually the term will bounce off harmlessly and be ineffective in use, when the need to cry a true warning is needed. Sadly all too many in the Black community, the educated as well as uneducated, are unwisely shouting racism at every turn when we all have more in common than the differences in our epidermal pigments.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Goal Posts

This just in over the wires. Apparently when the numbers don't favor your position you just go out and find new ones! Yep our Democrat run congress didn't like the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) numbers on the cost of their health care legislation so with a little arm twisting by BHO and democrat congressional leadership, the CBO came out with new estimates that, ta-da, are more favorable to the proposals. Pretty slick but a predictable marxist/socialist trick. If the old Soviet 5 year agricultural goals weren't met, they just changed the goals! And walla, bread for everyone, if a little bit moldy. The new numbers come from an 'independent' think-tank of the CBO that used 'different' assumptions than the original CBO numbers. So when the game doesn't go their way, the democrats move the goal posts, and pronounce victory.

Does the President Need Adult Supervision?

Greetings from rain soaked Colorado! I went back over some recent comments and actions by the President. I was struck by his careless arrogance smothered in a level of self confidence seldom seen in a leader. The news conference which was suppose to drive home the sell job for a complete overhaul of the American health care system was simply a rehash of his previously pronounced generalities. Then at the end he wandered off the reservation with his 'stupid Cambridge police' comments. This comes after several world wind tours where his continual apologies for his view of past American sins, giving really cheap, if not narcissistic motivated, gifts to foreign heads of state, and bowing almost in abject fealty to the King of Saudi Arabia. One has to wonder if he needs a strong guiding hand to avoid future political disasters. Maybe he needs adult supervision when he plays in the sand box? But who in his entourage around him has White House pressurized experience? Hilliary? Hardly as she and him are rumored already to be giving one another the silent treatment. Bill Clinton? Never since swapping race cards during the election. VP Joe "spend more to prevent bankruptcy" Biden? He can barely find his way back to Delaware on a train shipping vast amounts of stimulus monies to his home state cronies. Ron Emanuel, the chief of staff, is great at taking advantages of crisis situations, but seems to fade into the shadows when his man blows it. That leaves only the First "screw protocol" Lady, who is just as clueless as the President about operating in the most powerful office in the world. The rest of the White House Chicago-Gang is even more inept than the cast of West Wing. With few to give sound advice on issues of the day, it appears BHO is left shooting from the lip when topics arise that aren't on the TelePrompter. Things could get interesting fast as his popularity dives into the 40s.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Support The Blue Dogs

Greetings! It appears conservatives may have some allies in the form of Blue Dog Democrats. These are 51 Congressional Representatives who are moderate to center right in their views. For the Democrats to ram legislation through the House they need 40 votes from this block of Democrats. Recently Blue Dog power has come forward in the socialized health care debate. They have fought to slow down the process and make a real effort to analyze what is being proposed. Their actions have thrown off Speaker Pelosi's time table of ramming the legislation through the House before the summer recess to prevent citizens from engaging their representatives face to face. As of Friday, she proposed to by-pass the last remaining committee to bring the bill to the House floor for a vote. She does this at the peril of angering many of the Blue Dogs. A link to the Blue Dog Coalition is in the Web Links of Interest panel. Send them a note of support with your own ideas of what needs to be done. Remind them to read what they vote on too!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The President's Reverend Wright Moment

Last Wednesday evening we got a small glimmer of our President’s thinking. I am talking about his comments during his health care press conference on the Cambridge Police incident. If you have not heard about the ensuing controversy, the reader’s digest version is a Cambridge police officer while responding to a dispatch of a robbery in progress found a man in the house. As it turned out the person was the homeowner who had broken into his own home when he could not find his keys. Here the story splits depending on the teller’s point of view. The police officer says he finally had to arrest the man for createing a public disturbance when he kept screaming and yelling. The man, a black university professor, claims the police officer was a racist bigot for challenging his presence in his own home.

Enter President Obama. It seems the man turned out to be a friend of the President’s. When asked about the situation in the press conference, the president indicated he did not know all the facts, but the “Cambridge Police acted stupidly.” He then went on a rant about continued bad treatment of blacks by white police.

Thus the President’s Reverend Wright Moment: The response and following rant came as pure instinct on Obama’s part. (You could tell, as the teleprompter did not have the normally smooth easy words for him to answer with.) When one’s response is instinctive, it usually comes out of a core belief inculcated from lessons learned in the past. The President spent twenty years under the tutelage of Reverend Wright, the black theology preacher, whose radical white-hate teachings were exposed during the last election. The president’s shift from a specific incident in which he confessed ignorance of to describing a litany of past black grievances, and then projecting them into today’s society came out of his lessons under Rev. Wright. The President’s comments were not as incendiary in tone as Wright’s would have been, but nonetheless, contained the underlying essence of black victim-supremacy theology, which Wright espouses.

This insight of the President’s thinking is unsettling and portends for a rocky road ahead.

Into The Blogosphere We Leap!

Greetings! Red Flag Days is officially launched. The site is still a little rough around the edges, but it is getting there. My HTML programing skills are a few years old so I've got to teach myself how to code in order to get things aligned the way I want them. I am starting off using a modified template from Blog spot to get going and hope eventually to develop my own blog hosting site that allows full creative development graphically as well content. I will appreciate your feedback on any aspect that doesn't work or needs my attention. Also pass along the link to others as I look forward to the dialogue that will no doubt ensue.