Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Olympian

We've had Obama the god. Obama the gifted orator. Obama the towering socialist. Now we have Obama the Olympian. We've got Iran building nukes. Russia rebuilding it's power base. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq is falling apart. Pakistan near civil war with nukes. Unemployment driving steadily upward. Health care reform is stalled and now appears to be a miss-mash of glued together deals struck in the House cloak room. 200 citizens died in a tidal wave in American Samoa. And the Obama team heads for Denmark to champion his home town, Chicago, for the 2016 Olympic games. (Cost is estimated at $50 Million for this junket. Is the Chicago Olympic committee reimbursing the government for this "assistance"?) What next? A sales trip to Syria representing Disney?

But all that aside, the question is what will happen should the International Olympic Ccommittee not select the Obama led Chicago bid? Answer: it will further erode the power and prestige of the Office of the Presidency and embolden our enemies. Still, the 'fix' might be in with the IOC (check ACORN fund transfers, eh?)and he knows they will get the nod. Or if the bid fails he can blame Bush for creating hatred against America. Might be personally for him a win-win.

While Obama seems to be all to all, he doesn't seem to understand he is to be Presidential, not Billy Mays.

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  1. Your sarcastic loving sonOctober 17, 2009 at 6:17 PM

    Hmm...and it was going so well a year ago...what happened indeed? Oh my, wait a second.

    Well, at least we can excuse the policies of the last administration and now hold the current responsible. Sweet!

    I agree, dang him for talking with Iran, we should just ignore the problem. That worked wonders in the past decade. And those Russians, we need to figure out a way to keep them down. Who would possibly want or benefit holding the Olympics here, crazy, just crazy!? Football only for me thank you. And of course the Bush administration has nothing to do with it. That son of a *#$%, Obama, would pin it all on him. He never takes credit for his mistakes.

    Geez, if only he would focus on one task we would all be fine.

    I knew I could sleep well tonight, thank you watchman!

    Funny, he deserves your criticism for both, not accomplishing anything and for what he is accomplishing. Tough break. That Obama guy is a loser...