Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy with Year-End Spending

If you are a regular reader of Red Flag Days it is apparent I've been negligent to update the blog with my latest thoughts, impressions, and generally wild radical rants of current events. That's because at work, as a U.S. Federal Employee, I am duty bound to spend every last possible dollar in our organization's budget by 1 October so we can claim to need even more mountains of taxpayer funds for next year. And indeed, I can report to you we've been able to not only meet the expectation of spending all our allocated funds, but we've been successful in 'robbing' from other directorates as well. However, I want to assure you we've spent these funds on true environmental bona-fide needs. Example: To meet an IT Command requirement of upgrading computers to enable use of Vista, of which we have no choice, we initiated a purchase of new Vista compliant computers/printers to replace outdated ones. Now we can create new rules, regulations, and program requirements without delay. I did reject a proposal for purchase of a fish shocker, $9,845.95, our biologist claimed was needed to inventory fish in installation rivers. The kicker? We don't have rivers on our installation. In fact, with less than 4 inches of rain/snow per year we usually have dry creek beds!

So stand by friends, things will be back to normal in a few days.....I feel a rant coming on about children's worship songs to Dear Leader, "Barack Hussein"

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