Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN - New Style of Community Organizing

Back in the late 1800's it use to be a town grew from a wild and lawless collection of misfits into a city of citizens devoted to organizing a community based on virtue and solid moral values. Then community organizing meant building a church, a school, a public library, or a medical clinic. It meant the establishment of law and order, adherence to a code of citizen safety and dedication to civic duty.

Yet today, the single largest community organizing entity, ACORN, was discovered to be engaged in a organizing effort that would have promoted prostitution, sex enslavement of under-aged illegal women, and encouraged tax evasion. The leaders claim this was just an aberration, yet in several other instances through out the past campaign ACORN was found to have violated numerous election registration laws and is under DOJ investigation. The State of Louisiana is investigating the organization's founders and leaders for the disappearance of millions of dollars of charitable contributions as well as funds provided from taxpayers.

So where there is smoke, most likely there is fire. The kicker in all this is the proposal for ACORN to conduct the U.S. Census on behalf of the Department of Labor/Commerce. Every concerned citizen should contact their congressional delegation and demand ACORN have no part in the census collection. They are a community organizing agency that have disgraced the term and not deserving of this responsibility.

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