Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Untempered Cry of Racism

Greetings....Still experiencing mini cloud bursts of rain, followed by crystal clear blue skis. Colorado at its finest!

A quick blog tonight on the topic of racism or more specifically the all too common casual flinging around the word "racist" and the damage such untempered cries create. Enter Loren Spivack who operated a "conservative" merchandise kiosk in a North Carolina mall. ( Spivack's web site to judge for your self http://www.freemarketwarrior.com) He sold bumper stickers , baby bibs, bobble head dolls, jigsaw puzzles and other assortment of trinkets. All mostly aimed at the left/socialist/pro-abortionist, but did have some GOP zinger items too. He and three other employees (and this is important) made a pretty good living at the mall kiosk. Seems as if "someone" wrote a letter to the editor in the Charlotte Observer criticizing Spivack's business for "promoting racism and sexism". Enter national mall management (Simon Property Group) who would not renew the business lease due to this 'pressure'. Now three employees are now unemployed. But, tell me, what is racist about this bumper sticker: "Work Harder, Obama Needs the Money"? Or the "T-shirt that lists the top 12 things Obama has been doing as the economy crashes"? Or the "baby bibs that say, "My parents chose life. Thanks Mom and Dad" I assume these were some of the worst product examples claimed to promote racism and sexism the reporter found at the kiosk. So here is the issue. In our society today it seems all one has to do is call some one a racist or sexist and bingo law-suit adverse management folds. The "someone" had an opinion Mr. Spivack's line of business was out of bounds on race grounds and threw out the invective to get attention paid to this small thriving business. The logic goes: President Obama is black. The bumper sticker pokes fun at Obama. Therefore the promoter of the bumper sticker is a racist. The "someone" was to stupid not to see the bumper sticker and T-shirt pointed out Obama's fiscal and leadership faults. No different than the left's attacks on President Bush for his "swagger" or supposed lack of intelligence. If I write that 'President Obama strutted to the podium', does that make me a racist? No, I'm commenting on his manner of walk, his portent of self, and has no relationship to the color of his skin. And crying racism over a misinterpreted bumper sticker lowers the value of "racism" to that of a BB. Eventually the term will bounce off harmlessly and be ineffective in use, when the need to cry a true warning is needed. Sadly all too many in the Black community, the educated as well as uneducated, are unwisely shouting racism at every turn when we all have more in common than the differences in our epidermal pigments.

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