Monday, July 27, 2009

New Goal Posts

This just in over the wires. Apparently when the numbers don't favor your position you just go out and find new ones! Yep our Democrat run congress didn't like the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) numbers on the cost of their health care legislation so with a little arm twisting by BHO and democrat congressional leadership, the CBO came out with new estimates that, ta-da, are more favorable to the proposals. Pretty slick but a predictable marxist/socialist trick. If the old Soviet 5 year agricultural goals weren't met, they just changed the goals! And walla, bread for everyone, if a little bit moldy. The new numbers come from an 'independent' think-tank of the CBO that used 'different' assumptions than the original CBO numbers. So when the game doesn't go their way, the democrats move the goal posts, and pronounce victory.

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