Monday, July 27, 2009

Does the President Need Adult Supervision?

Greetings from rain soaked Colorado! I went back over some recent comments and actions by the President. I was struck by his careless arrogance smothered in a level of self confidence seldom seen in a leader. The news conference which was suppose to drive home the sell job for a complete overhaul of the American health care system was simply a rehash of his previously pronounced generalities. Then at the end he wandered off the reservation with his 'stupid Cambridge police' comments. This comes after several world wind tours where his continual apologies for his view of past American sins, giving really cheap, if not narcissistic motivated, gifts to foreign heads of state, and bowing almost in abject fealty to the King of Saudi Arabia. One has to wonder if he needs a strong guiding hand to avoid future political disasters. Maybe he needs adult supervision when he plays in the sand box? But who in his entourage around him has White House pressurized experience? Hilliary? Hardly as she and him are rumored already to be giving one another the silent treatment. Bill Clinton? Never since swapping race cards during the election. VP Joe "spend more to prevent bankruptcy" Biden? He can barely find his way back to Delaware on a train shipping vast amounts of stimulus monies to his home state cronies. Ron Emanuel, the chief of staff, is great at taking advantages of crisis situations, but seems to fade into the shadows when his man blows it. That leaves only the First "screw protocol" Lady, who is just as clueless as the President about operating in the most powerful office in the world. The rest of the White House Chicago-Gang is even more inept than the cast of West Wing. With few to give sound advice on issues of the day, it appears BHO is left shooting from the lip when topics arise that aren't on the TelePrompter. Things could get interesting fast as his popularity dives into the 40s.

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