Saturday, June 16, 2012

Red Flag Warning: Political Season Is Open

The Watchman is back on the political scene to observe, gather intel, and report back to his faithful readers. There is much to report during this Presidential election season given the absolute critical, nation changing, election. The two main candidates offer stark differences to their vision for America. President Obama looks longingly to his socialist travelers in Europe to push America to a Greece styled system that will in due course come to bear the same economic bitter fruit. Mitt Romney, a business man gone political as governor of MA, presents a polar opposite, more like what we've had in the past since WWII with the exception of Carter and Obama. Romney appears to believe in the hand-up approach as opposed to Obama's hand-out, soak the taxpayers into unbelievable debt. The sad part is we have to wade through a pile of manure over the next 4 months when all but 2 or 3 precent of voters have already made up their mind who gets the keys to the White House in January 2013.All that said, there is still two other aspects of this election that hold our nation's future in the balance: Congressional and State leader elections. Regardless of who gains the presidential throne, our fate is really held in the hands of who we elect to the House and Senate, both at the national as well as the state levels. Presidents come and go with barely a real impact, maybe with the exception of FDR and Reagan. However, it is those who build budgets and create laws that influence our daily lives. If we keep leaders like Reid and Pelosi in power we're doomed. Bringing on more leaders like Paul Ryan and our nation has a chance to get up out of the deep hole we've spent ourselves into. The Watchman will report on those elections as well. So stay tuned for a rocking and rolling open political season where surprises await us nearly every day.

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