Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Flag Warning: Popular and Mainstream

#OccupyWallStreet is mainstream (By Myrddin on 10/11/2011 03:00:00 AM )

I start this opinion with the above hot link as I hope readers will tag into the site and get a feel for the view from the other side. Occasionally it is worth while to take a recon into the left's domain to see what they are thinking (or not).

I left this thought on the US Politics site: "Popular and mainstream doesn't make it the right thing to do. So was Nazism and Fascism. What right of middle conservatives want is for the government to operate within the revenues it collects, quit wasting tax dollars on stupid stuff, and let Americans live in liberty of onerous regulations. And if #Occupy _____ is about economic fairness then they should be demanding the fair tax system where ALL citizens pay 10% of their income in taxes. Everybody should have a real stake in the nation and not expecting a free ride on the other 50% who do pay taxes." (The blank line is to fill in what ever city is now "hosting" an #Occupy event.)

I think I summarized the Tea Party position simply enough for their readers. To expand, it should be, but isn't, obvious to anyone with half a brain our country is in danger of fiscal disaster. With over $15 TRILLION in debt and growing, regardless of who caused it, we're in trouble. This level of debt is unsustainable over the long term. At some point we could pay every employed person's entire annual wages into the tax system and it won't even cover the interest. What part of NO MONEY do liberals and even some conservatives don't understand?

So position number one is to get our spending under control. As every household manager knows if family finances are tight, the FIRST thing to do is get spending under control. Families all over America have been chopping off frivolous expenses, delaying wants to cover needs. Our Congress must do the same thing. The problem is too many still covet the "wants", or as one pundit has put it "treats". These treats include expansive health care coverage for a citizenry that didn't want it, a social security system that is by anyone's definition a ponzi scheme and due to go bankrupt in 2036, and so many freebies to who ever party's in power.

Secondly, government must get control of waste, fraud, and fiscal abuse of tax payer dollars. Hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted every year through inept and an illogical fiscal funding system. Each year on the 30th of September all government funds (except special funds) expire. Thus each August and September government goes wild in a spending orgy. It is as if your personal bank account was shut down at midnight each December 31 and any left over money went into an electronic black hole. Bet you'd spend like crazy for Christmas, eh?

Thirdly, conservatives want to live in liberty from an oppressive regulatory central government. Up until modern times, most American citizens went about their daily lives with little concern or thought about regulatory impacts or roadblocks. The American entrepreneur of the past, staked his claim in business and went about producing goods and services with little interference by the federal government. Today, at every turn a business must take into careful account what federal regulations govern their efforts or risk heavy penalties. Now business MUST provide health care or face fines. If they don't pay a certain wage, they face fines. So much of what business must do today has little to nothing to do with creating goods or services, and ultimately the bottom line. No wonder jobs are disappearing. Business can't afford to be in business, and the little understood fact is, jobs come from business.

Finally, many of the "treats" the left desires revolves around their view of "fairness". When my children would complain that something wasn't fair, I use to tell them much of life isn't fair, so get over it. But if fairness in the economic struggle is what is desired, then America is the fairest of all nations. We have a constitution and laws that provides a basic level playing field. Nearly all forms of discrimination are now illegal. A Black man can open a business next to a White one. A Woman can actually own property and run her own business just like a Man. A Hispanic can rise from the farm fields to own the farm. An adopted little boy can rise to a computer empire. But in each and every case, it took hard, tough, diligent work. No doubt many fail in their quest for one reason or another, but in no other nation can it be said that such equal opportunity exists. That is why much of humanity yearns to come to America, home of the brave, land of the free!

This level playing field is being subverted through a tax system where nearly 50 percent of income earning citizens pay NO tax what-so-ever. This is as dangerous as having dependence on a small percentage of wealthy to pay the bulk of tax that supports our country. For when beneficiaries of a system have no stake in the system, their loyalty wanes. This aspect is very evident in the #Occupy Wallstreet mob. Many have stated their desire to be governed by some international body (the UN?)so as to ensure "fair wealth distribution". Its been tried, and was a dismal and deadly failure, aka the Soviet Union.

Thus,if the left's demands are seen as popular and mainstream, then a red flag warning is indeed needing to be hoisted high by the our lady, the Statue of Liberty, as danger to our freedom draws nigh.

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