Friday, January 1, 2010

The Times They Are A-Changin - RFD that is!

The Watchman, after more reflection regarding the issue over a blogger being or not being a journalist, has decided to make a few changes how future postings are made to Red Flag Days (RFD). Future postings will be identified as either "RFD-NEWS" or "RFD-WARNING". RFD-NEWS is just as you might expect a factual reporting of events locally, state-wide, national, or international. RFDs will rely on similar sources as other news agencies, with proper citation to those sources. The style of these postings will be bulleted items with teaser headlines and hot linked to the complete original source.

RFD-WARNING means the content is the Watchman's personal opinion and comment on events in the news. These postings will have a style that is more in line with past postings on RFD. I will attempt to reference known sources that support my assertions and ideas as appropriate. However, as opinion, I am free to make my case as I see the issues. To paraphrase one talk-show host: Anything you read on RFD should be personally fact-checked to validate information presented. To aid my readers, I am posting links to several info checking web sites.

As editor-in-chief of RFD I am responsible for the content I choose to publish and follow generally accepted journalistic ethics. The content of RFD-WARNINGS will also be copyrighted on the day of public posting. The content may be reproduced and used by others as long as full accreditation to RFD is made by the user and any 3rd party source data remain unchanged. Please note I occasionally edit a previously published posting. This editing is only for correction of spelling/grammar or to correct a factual error, and in that case it is noted. My continual prayer: Oh Lord grant me two gifts, the ability to spell words correctly and remember the names of people I meet!

A third change or addition I have been working on is to create a link to other, more extensive writings I have done in the past several years. One of these efforts is entitled, "BRTD: Better Red Than Dead". This work is a series of essays trying to explain why I am a conservative and express views on issues I am most passionate about. The trick is getting the essays final editted, files saved into a .pdf format, loaded on to a web site, and then linking the site to RFD. Remember this is being done in my "spare" time. Patience is the watchword on this project.

Several friends have asked me for recommendations on who to read/listen to for conservative content and information. I'm working on a review of those conservatives I routinely check out and provided links to those sites. Stay tuned to this station!

These are a few changes coming in 2010. If you have any feedback on these or other comments on how to improve Red Flag Days then shoot me a note or a comment.

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