Friday, January 8, 2010

RFD-Warning: The Privilege of Citizenship

In the last few weeks we have witnessed the assault on American citizens by Islamofascist across the globe. The Underwear Bomber attempted to ignite a bomb on a plane over Detroit that if successful would have killed several hundred passengers and people on the ground. Yet, when the plane landed the bomber was arrested, mirandized, and began his long winding route through the U.S. justice system. But should he be afforded the same rights and privileges of American citizenship? As a veteran and speaking for other veterans, I think not. He hasn't earned the right to a citizenship.

The Watchman's Red Flag Warning is about the dilution of what it means to be an American Citizen. Once again a study of history shows what happens when a nation begins to hand out citizenship like candy to other individuals. The Roman historian Tactius described how the Roman government doled out citizenships to a broad range of non-roman individuals, affording those individuals all the rights and privileges of any native born citizen. The upshot was a nation that over time culturally no longer embraced the values that originally made Rome great. One day the barbarians of the north came knocking, and Rome no longer had the will to resist. Too many Roman "citizens" did not believe in her.

The Watchman does not wish to sound jingoistic, but if we provide these terrorists all the rights and privileges that a native born or a naturalized citizen receives, what then is the benefit that accrues to us? It devalues our citizenship to be thrown into the mix of unrepentant killers and religious fascists. What deterrence is it to the other underwear bombers coming to America if they know they will be given the same rights as Joe the Plumber, no matter how awful their acts of terror? And if we willingly give de facto-citizenship to this group, then why not recognized other groups with wholesale citizenship? Open the flood gates and let the world in.

Gaining citizenship of any nation should be a process that is not easily performed, nor provided without care or consideration for the existing cultural values of the subject nation. That is why immigration is such a sensitive issue for many nations. Each nation wants to grow, but grow with individuals who embrace, loyally, the values common to the native inhabitants. The danger of a open door approach, is development of attitudes as well as behaviors that are counter to a nation's value system.

Western Europe, and particularly France, is in the first waves of a cultural upheaval for allowing unchecked immigration and subsequent acquisition of citizenship by a large contingent of Muslims. This block of citizens are approaching 10% of the population which sociologist indicate when a group begins to have impact on a nation's culture. Thus these new citizens are demanding Sharia Law, which is counter to the Judeo-Christian values Europe is founded on. Also these nations are fearful of taking hard stands against the rise of a nuclear Iran out of fear it will cause civil unrest in their Muslim citizenry. Honoring who is granted citizenship does have unintended consequences when done so without careful consideration.

Having American citizenship should convey some aspect of respect and, yes, awe by others in the world. Never in the history of man-kind has a nation with the kind of power we've developed, and indeed exercised, has been used in such benevolent manner. We've shed American blood all over the globe, yet we haven't acquired lands, slaves, or riches. In fact, the places our nation has conquered we rebuilt and those nations today have thriving economies and cultures of their own. So why should we be so quick to grant rights of citizenship to those who do not deserve it? The point is we shouldn't.

The Watchman would support the "arrest" or "capture" of a terrorist by authorities (civil or military) and subsequent processing by an international military judicial system, such as used at the end of WWII and most recently on Serbian war criminals. Islamofascist terrorist are stateless combatants who threaten all citizens of the world. Likewise, the drug lords of Mexico and Central/South America if they began crossing international borders to commit acts of terror, should also be treated similarly.

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