Friday, December 11, 2009

Posting Bounties

The left has started something they may greatly regret. A group called the "Velvet Revolution" (VR) has posted a $200K bounty on Tom Donohue, CEO of the National Chamber of Commerce. (Chamber Danger)

Seems as if VR doesn't take kindly to the chamber's efforts to stand up to our Dear Leader's, President Obama, plan to socialize our health care system. The VR placed an ad to pay $200K to anyone providing dirt on Mr. Donohue that would lead to his arrest and conviction of some terrible crime. Problem is the fellow at VR is himself a convicted felon! Apparently, Mr. Brett Kimberlin has convictions for drug related offenses as well as domestic terrorism as the "Speedway Bomber". He severed 12 years of a 50 year sentence. Thus from his apparent unrepentant past, he is now creating an environment where Donohue has to hire additional security and look over his shoulder at every turn.

The worst aspect of this is two can play the game. What would stop someone from placing a $500K bounty on say, Rob Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff for any kind of embarassing dirt. Which leads me to the greater point: How soon will we see the rise of left/right wing death squads so famously used in South America when two sides can't live in peace. Readers might scoff at such an idea, but given the level of intensity, the high stakes games being played, and now this tactic, its just a short ride down the slippery slope to your run of the mill banana republic response to hated adversaries.

I hope wiser minds prevail at VR, but somehow I don't think that will happen. Hopefully, others on both sides don't take the bait to do likewise creating yet even more division in a badly divided nation.


The Watchman apologizes for his neglect of bringing news and opinion recently. He's been overwhelmed at work and home with projects and got-to-dos that he let slip this important aspect. He'll get back to the program and keep raising the Red Flag.

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