Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can He Do an About Face?

Its going to be tough for our Dear Leader, President Obama, to make an about face and become the terrorists worst nightmare since President Bush declared war on them eight years ago. Remember, Obama is suppose to be the Peace President and make nice with the world. Obama is suppose to end the unrighteous imprisonment of terrorists because they were misunderstood 'man made disasters'. He was suppose to sit down with the nutball prime minister running the daily affairs of Iran and over tea work out a consesus basis of spreading more of Americans wealth to tin horn dictators. His attorney general was to procute CIA integrators, not call them back into action to get dirt on the terrorists.

No the President is really going to have a real struggle to call Islamic terrorism what it is, terrorism, and then do something concrete to keep it from coming ashore into the American heartland. It is apparent he is truly struggling to find the right response and so far the best he can come up with is to blame Bush for an outdated system and its failure. Unfortunately that old song was last years hit and folks are tired of hearing it. Besides, that was then, this is now and he's the guy on the watch, like it or not. Man-up and fire some administration idiots starting with the Sectary of DHS.

However, since he never has worked as a business owner or chief executive, he's never had to fire anyone, so canning the DHS chief is not likely. The Watchman doesn't blame Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano for the attempted bombing, but does believe she is clueless about the reality of how seriously America's number one enemy, Islamo-Fascism, would dearly love to kill everyone of us just for the thrill of it. And if reports out of Yemen is even half true, then there are several hundred rabid jhidists just itching to kill an American. We don't need a delusional government hack running DHS, who plays PC games with peoples lives.

Too Obama is hampered by his Nobel Peace Prize. He just can't order up a barrage of cruise missiles to bomb Yemen terrorist training camps like Bill Clinton did. Also he's ham strung too by his recent foray into environmental, global warming, politics. If he bombs the hell out of Yemen and leaves behind all the nasty pollution, his supporters from Green Peace et. al. will go nuts.

We are entering into a very dangerous period. There are other evils out in the world watching Obama's first tepid responses to crisis, measuring the man, and taking careful note how and what he does. Russia is pushing for our nuclear defense system information. China is toying with our dollar while eyeing Taiwan across the Formosa Straights. North Korea continues to merrily work away at building its armed forces, testing missiles, and fine tuning its new nuclear toys. One miss-step by Dear Leader and anyone of these three evils, as well as potentially several others, will unleash their plots to bring darkness over the world.

Mr. President! About Face!

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