Saturday, February 20, 2016

Red Flag Warning: I was Wrong.

I was Wrong.

During the presidential election of 2012 the Watchman wrote a blog entry entitled What I see in Mitt that I don't see in Barack (10.19.12). It featured an assessment of the two men running for the highest elected office of our nation and the leader position that is the most powerful one in the world.  I wrote about those aspects of the two men, Mitt Romney and current President Obama, comparing their qualifications and most importantly a judgment as to their fitness for the presidency. My conclusion:
"Lastly, but not completely as I keep finding more about Romney that I admire and less from Obama, I see Romney as a man of faith.  I am not a Mormon, but I am aware of their disciplined lives and their single-minded faith that God is God of the universe and we all must await His judgment. I see Mitt as a humble man before his God. I don’t see that at all in Barack."

However, I was totally wrong. Way off base. As it turned out, with President Obama holding on to his office,  Mr. Romney whom I regarded the better candidate, retired from the field of campaign battle, defeated and slunk back into the shadows of life.  I felt then and recognize today Mr. Romney was the better man for the job, yet he lost.  As the Eagles so eloquently sang, "Get over it".

Yet I can not do so, as my words back then come back to haunt me. I had concluded President Obama did not have, nor display the high character required of a national leader set on the world stage.  That aspect of the conclusion was spot on.  Since January 2013, he has continued to lead at the lowest possible level of acceptance by any modern measure. Where I was wrong in my assessment was the degree of his lack of character. Off by an order or so of magnitude!

The negative evaluation of his lack of character can be summed up in his response to the death of Justice Scalia. His avoidance of the Justice's funeral expresses the callowness of his moral values. It places on display for the entire world just how vacuous his inner core values. Petty and shallow. His absence transcends the death of the Justice, when we should rightly honor the man's service with focused attention on his record, instead, just like a immature child who stamps their feet to get attention, the issue becomes about the absent President.

His action, sets in concrete the certainty his legacy of disdaining basic values of our nation. To honor those who serve, even though one might not agree with their position or opinions. But this is not the first sign of the President's disrespect for American values.  His abuse of the executive order process is a finger in your eye approach to governance. Instead of working with the congress to achieve his goals, he appears to enjoy issuing edicts to circumvent the laws of our nation.  His unilateral recognition of Cuba and renewal of relations with the unrepetant communist nation is a thumb of the nose to American policy and former Presidential leaders who stood for freedom and liberty.  The President's big announcement the United States will take in so called 'refugee' from the Middle East without at least discussing the action with congressional leaders displays his contempt for that body as well as for the States that will be burdened to execute the care and settlement of the refugees. Adding to these examples, we observe a President who enjoys the game of racial division, class warfare, and disrespect for those who serve in law enforcement.  And then there is his fantasy last budget, filled with big promises of wads of cash for his pet projects, most of whom have spectacularly failed in previous efforts, but did enrich his supporters, and adds still more mountains of debt upon the $19T our nation owes to others. A man of character would not demonstrate such attitudes or promote with fanfare his low class actions.

So with realization of error, should we not all examine our decision on electing such a flawed individual and vow not to do so again?  Think before you vote.

The Watchman

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