Monday, March 18, 2013



Dateline Cyprus: This news story should be sending shock waves across the world and especially here in America. I'm referring to the European Union's condition for ponying up $13 billion bail-out money to the nation of Cyprus is to receive immediate levies from Cypriot bank deposits. In essence the government of Cyprus is seizing citizens' bank deposits. This is what happens when a nation outstrips it's ability to pay its debts. The banker sets the terms and governments swoop in to take private property. We had better hope the 4th Amendment to our Constitution doesn't come under attack like the 2nd or we're in deep trouble.

Dateline Washington D.C.: If American's could only check out President Obama's college math scores! Apparently the President's budget proposal doesn't add up and even double counts past spending cuts. But not to worry....the budget proposes only another $7.3 TRILLION in deficit spending in the next ten years. See Dateline Cyprus above to learn what happens when the good times are over!

Dateline Serfdom: Yes Virgina, Big Brother is alive and well. Check out this article on "Productive Tracking Sensors".  Now if we could just put these sensors on government employees working at the GSA.

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