Sunday, October 28, 2012

Red Flag Warning: Ted Turner - Candidate for Supreme Jerk of the Century

This will be short and terse. Mr. Ted Turner "Creator" of CNN and owner of Ted's Place Steakhouse has made an unforgivable verbal flub. In an interview with Piers Morgan, CNN, he indicted that having military suicides exceed combat deaths was "good".
TURNER: I think the global policeman should be the United Nations. And I don't think we should need one. I think we should use courts the way we do in civilian life. It's time to put war and conflict behind us and move on, and start acting like civilized, educated human beings.
MORGAN: You made the point to me in the break there, more American servicemen have --
TURNER: -- are dying now from suicide over there than are dying in combat.
MORGAN: That's shocking, isn't it?
TURNER: Well, what -- no, I think it's -- I think it's good, because it's so clear that we're programmed and we're born to love and help each other, not to kill each other, to destroy each other. That's an aberration. That's left over from hundreds of years ago. It's time for to us start acting enlightened.

Go to the site and read the whole transcript (near the bottom of the interview). Morgan made it worse by immediately asking what it was like to give away a billion dollars. She too is guilty of insensitivity and brainlessness. She should have at least scolded Ted for such a callous view. By her failure to do so, does she agree with Ted, suicides by our Soldiers is "good"?

This despicable man who reaps billions from fellow American's who have protected his freedom believes having military deaths, from both combat and suicide, will cause us to give up our military to the UN. Well, we've seen what the UN can do. Either nothing or send in "police forces" who rape, pillage, and steal from the very people they are suppose to protect.

Sorry Ted. This is one Vet who will never again patronize your steakhouse. Go Eat That!

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