Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Flag Warning: Suspend the Constitution?

Today in comments during a speech the Governor of North Carolina suggested that since all the bickering in congress is caused by the good representatives and senators being more concerned with re-election than the nation's welfare, we should suspend the constitutional mandated elections in 2012. Again, I never thought I'd see the day when a citizen would advocate this. This kind of talk is very dangerous. Even as a joke, as she later attempted to downplay the comment, its sentiment should be cause for alarm. This is how Hitler and the Nazi's took power. Create a false crisis, declare a police state to "protect" the citizens, then swoop into power. Bingo The One is President for Life! Nancy P and Harry the Reid keep on running the insane asylum.

Her logic was to force individuals who so far have nearly driven this nation right off the cliff of financial ruin to stay on and do the "hard" work to fix the problem. But based on past performance what makes us think these folks would do any better with more time behind the steering wheel as the car plunges over the edge?

Instead we should hold the elections as scheduled, carefully weigh the performance of each candidate and then vote in the best people. If they don't perform, then in two years hold them accountable and bring in new folks until they get it right! This is what makes our nation totally different than every other in the world. We hold regularly scheduled elections to maintain stability and continuity. We don't cotton to the idea of changing leadership on a whim and we're not to happy about changing rules during the game.

We need to write to each of our elected officials and clearly lay out our expectations and what we believe is the correct course for our future. Then observe and as I've said above, if these expectations aren't met, then vote in some one else.

Just say NO to his horrible idea to suspend the elections. It is one precedent we don't need to begin!

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