Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red Flag Warning: Stop the START Treaty and End Lame Duck Sessions

Greetings! The Watchman is back for a brief season to alert the world of the big last minute push to ratify the START Treaty. I can't say that I have read it or would even come close to understanding its provisions. But I do recognize a jam job when I see one, and this is being rolled out in the waning moments of the repudiated congress. I believe what has transpired in the congress since the election boarders on an series of illegal actions with out true representation of the citizen's will. The defeated majority has pushed through a series of pet projects, despite being totally rejected by the vote of the people. It is as if our vote didn't even count. Suppose this congress (or any lame-duck congress) decided to declare war on Lichtenstein! They almost spent 1.2 TRILLION more of our tax dollars! Now it appears the Senate is going to ratify the START Treaty sometime in the middle of the night just as many of us have our attention diverted to Christmas events. Something is wrong here folks and WE THE PEOPLE must again rouse ourselves to make our voices heard. SO, let me encourage you to take a few minutes from writing Christmas cards to jot off an e-mail or call the congress to sound off. Tell the Senators to STOP the START Treaty and reconsider it during the new Congress. Then send letters to the new congress to request they take up a Constitutional amendment barring the convening of a lame duck congressional session after an election unless there is a direct and immediate threat to national security, called by the President and approved by 2/3 of the Supreme Court. This would prevent the will of the people from being thwarted in such a blatant and arrogant manner.

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