Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Flag Warning: The State of Race Relations In America

It seems to the Watchman, that our Dear Leader, President Obama, and his followers in the administration as well as the NAACP, have done more to set back the state of race relations in America than when Robert Byrd was a card carrying KKK member. Two observations on this point. One, President Obama has to find something to distract the masses from rioting over continued lingering effects of the Great Recession, the gulf oil debacle, the slow retreat from fighting terrorism, and the wave of new taxes coming down the pike as Obambacare takes hold. Anything to shift focus from multiple millions of citizens who are unemployed and have lost all hope of finding work. Anything to point the light way from Obama's Katrina. Anything to hide from the fact his chosen military leader, General McCrystal, finally voiced his frustration at a do nothing president on GWOT. Anything to shore up the facade of a cure for healthcare that will bankrupt our nation. Obama and his useful idiots will stoop to anything to maintain the aura of invincibly of the President.

The second observation, and more importantly, Obama is a racist. Not in the usual meaning of the word, but he has a racist aptitude to be used for his own ideological, dogmatic purposes. Obama's true identification is not as a black man, but as a Marxist. This is foremost his most important personal and deeply held belief. So he uses race as a means to an end, every bit as much as he used the association with Rev. Wright and the espousal of bigoted black supremacy to wed himself to the good graces of the Chicago black community of movers and shakers.

As a Marxist, the President uses every means possible to move his ultra left agenda forward. Today he uses race as a means to do so. Next week he may play the 'global climate change' game. The week following, the 'Middle east peace' game. This is what Marxist's do. Look at history. Lenin used every possible avenue to ultimately get what he wanted, total control. Lenin was for the workers before he crushed them. He was for freedom of the press before he crushed the opposition. He was for land to every peasant before he crushed them too.

Using race as tool has so many positive outcomes for the President. By playing the race card game he effectively shifts the spotlight from his Marxist policy agenda. While everyone is running around blathering about what some low-level Department of Agriculture official said or didn't say, he and his fellow travelers are manipulating the nation's economic control system to point ever closer to a Marxist/Socialist vision of utopia, where those who have will give even more to those who are in power of the State.

The unfortunate out come as posited in the first paragraph is race relations have most likely been set back by 75 to 100 years. Many, like myself, who had begun to see the wisdom of Dr. King's call to universal equality where men no longer judge one another by the color of a person's skin, but rather their character are now re-examining those positive attitudes. I as a conservative and quiet tea-party supporter, have been labeled a racist, bigot, and hater of color with not one shred of hard evidence by the left of center crowd. By my opposition to President Obama's policies, his clear Marxist ideology, coupled with his chameleon like character, I am branded a racist. Where once I saw no color, today the color black is all I see. And if I have been so affected, what of the millions of my fellow citizens? This friends, is an instability our nation can ill afford to remain a festering open wound.

So then what are we to do? Some ideas:
* Reject the false image at every instance! Point to how conservative policies have benefited all Americans of every race, creed, nationality, and culture.
* Stand firm in our liberty! Exercise our First Amendment Rights to free speech and free press. Speak truth in righteousness. VOTE for those who represent and demonstrate conservative principles.
* Remain true to Dr. King's vision, his dream. Don't let the race mongers take away his ideal from us.

Our left of center fellow citizens seem to have taken Victor Hugo's sentiment to heart when they view America, "They confuse heaven's radiant stars with a duck's footprint left in the mud." What we must do as American Conservatives is keep pointing to 'heaven's radiant stars' or as Ronald Reagan so eloquently spoke of America, "that shining city on the hill".

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