Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why We Should Care

A friend of mine ask, "Why should we care what Obama represents? We're so far down the pecking order we wouldn't feel the impact if Obama was a Marxist or Methodist. We're taxed by all sides so how can it be much worse if Obama wants to redistribute the wealth." I was shocked by my friend's attitude, but it caused me to wonder, why should we care?

First in my mind there is no doubt Barack H. Obama is a Marxist. At least some sort of Marxist, maybe a soci-marxist, a First or Second Phase Socialist, or perhaps an neo-Marxist with narcissistic delusions of grandeur, but he is definitely NOT a capitalist. He is NOT a Free-Marketeer either. This much we know is that he stands firmly with the strong central economic planning and control crowd. Nearly everyone agrees with this assessment.

But why should we care? Most readers I venture are lost deep into their own personal struggle for survival in the rough and tumble world of work, family, and community. We are barely able to drag ourselves out of bed each day to slave for some ungrateful employer and then slug home to a dirty house, screaming kids, and mac-n-cheese dinner. And that is if we're not one of the unlucky 10% unemployed. We have barely enough energy to take on fixing the screen door, washing dishes, and bathing the kids at night so why should we care what the central economic underpinnings of President Obama are?

Depending on future outcomes, of which we can have no idea, it may mean nothing. Or Obama's economic belief system could mean a whole lot to each American citizen. A young Captain during WWII wrote to a friend on the northern front. He was a solid officer and award winning Solider in the service of his country. He expressed to his friend a confidence that he wasn't sure of the leader's ability to be successful in winning the war. One sentence. One set of words, freely written, to express an opinion led the loyal and devoted Captain into the Soviet Gulag, for 12 years. Alexandra Solzhenitsyn chronicled the inhumane treatment of ordinary "Comrades", who didn't care what Lenin or Stalin's economic value system represented.

How are the two important, economic belief and suppression of freedom? The one leads to the other. If nothing else can be learned from Soviet history, it is the fact, hard, cruel, fact that Lenin and Stalin's economic belief value system (Marxism-Communism) led to the most horrific of mass exterminations (saving for Hitler's own economic belief outcomes) in history. It was the Marxist belief system of redistribution of wealth and Communist system of absolute necessity for centralized control of all economic, industrial, and business that led to the extreme abuses of human rights and the murder, yes, murder of millions of innocent Russian citizens.

This is why it is important to understand, to know, what our leader's political, economic, and moral value system is built upon. Obama spent a significant amount of his life in the learning shadows of people who were and are ultra socialist if not card carrying Marxists. It was plain in his own autobiography of his association with people who encouraged, espoused, and attempted to live out Marxist ideology. Even the appointment of his "Czars" are tinted with social-Marxism in one form or another.

The Red Flag Warning is out friends. Waving hard for all to see. There is a danger in our land, and many, like my friend, either don't see it in their ignorance, or choose to ignore it out of a desire to just-go-along, to-get-along. No greater mistake can we make as a nation to travel down this path. To do so invites a tyranny eclipsing history beyond belief. I care. Do you?

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